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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 26

I woke up Saturday morning around 7am; I quietly got out of bed, not wanting to wake Jon since he got in late last night. I threw on a pair of sweatpants and my vintage AC/DC t-shirt, put my hair up in a messy bun and headed out into the kitchen. My plan was to get started on the plans for the wedding, since it was only a few months away. Jon and I decided to get married in June, since we don’t know how far the Hawks are going to go in the playoffs this year. We’re getting married back home in Manitoba, outdoors at Riding Mountain National Park, which is about 3 hours outside of Winnipeg. We decided to make it a week’s vacation since there’s so much to do there. We’re not having a big wedding just both of our families, relatives, closest friends from back home and some of the Blackhawks and their wives or girlfriends. We rented out cottages for our families and closest friends, as well as ourselves to stay in for the week. I got out the wedding binder, which had all the information in it and started to go through it. I put on my iPod and decided to listen to my classic rock playlist, while I worked on getting everything organized. The first song that came on was ‘Poison by Alice Cooper’ and I quietly sang along.

A few hours later I was just about done for the day and putting everything back into its right place in the binder. I got up and put the binder on the coffee table and decided to make breakfast. “Take me to the Kaptin, and tell him why I’m here, I want to stay in your world, while my world disappears,” I sang along to ‘Take Me to the Kaptin by Prism’ and danced around while finding all the ingredients I needed to make pancakes. I heard someone laugh behind me and turned around to see Jon standing there in nothing but his boxers. I walked over to him taking out my headphones, “Are you laughing at my dance moves?” I asked smiling. “No, no I’m laughing at your lack of dance moves,” Jon laughed bending down to kiss me. “You know you like it,” I smirked. “No I just like watching you shake that cute little ass of yours,” Jon smirked playfully slapping my ass. “Really? Hum..” I said starting to walk back towards to cupboard. “Oh no you’re not going anywhere,” Jon said as he grabbed my arm pulling me back to him. “Oh and why is that?” “Because I’m not down with you yet,” Jon whispered huskily in my ear, pushing the ingredients off the counter, which splattered on the floor, and lifted me up so I was sitting on the kitchen counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he kissed my lips hungrily and ran his hands up my thighs. He pulled off my sweatpants leaving me in just my t-shirt and panties. His hands moved up my thighs to the hem of my t-shirt, which he tore off. His lips then attacked my breasts, kissing and sucking each one while his hands roamed over my body. I was getting more and more turned on by his aggressiveness. “Jon!” I screamed with pleasure as he bit down on the skin between my collar bone and shoulder. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled his boxers down and grabbed his length, “I want you right now,” I whispered in his ear while moving my hand up and down his shaft as a moan escaped from his lips.

I clung to Jon panting and out of breath. Jon had to brace himself against the counter as he too was out of breath. “That,” I said in between breaths. “Yeah I know,” Jon agreed. Once we caught our breath we went to go clean ourselves up. After I was done my shower and had gotten dressed I went to go clean up the ingredients that were all over the floor. “So much for pancakes,” Jon said as he came out of the bedroom and bending down to help me clean up. “That was much better than any pancakes would have been,” I grinned. “Maybe we should do that every morning after a game,” Jon smiled. “And what would we do on the game nights were you win?” I asked. “We’d just do it twice,” Jon smirked. I laughed, playfully shoving him as I got up to put the ingredients away. The rest of the day was pretty relaxed, we just sat around watching TV, enjoying the time we had with each other.

I woke up Sunday morning to the feel of Jon’s fingers drawing circles on my back. “Sorry did I wake you?” Jon asked as I opened my eyes and looked at him. “Yeah but its okay,” I replied moving closer to him and giving him a kiss. “So what time do you have to leave for the morning skate?” “Around 9, did you want to come?” “Yeah, is that okay with you?” I asked. “Of course,” Jon replied placing a kiss on my forehead. I got up, took a shower and then went to go find something to wear. I decided on ripped skinny jeans and my Avenged Sevenfold concert t-shirt and black Vans. Once Jon was ready we headed to the rink.

We got to the rink and I noticed that there were quite a few fans that came to watch the practice. I went to go sit with Jenn, Robyn and Sarah. A few rows in front of us there were about four girls who looked to be about seventeen or eighteen, they kept turning around and whispering to one another and giving us dirty looks. Once the practice was over I was waiting for Jon to come out of the locker room. Jenn, Robyn and Sarah had already left, leaving me alone. The four girls that were sitting in front of us walked up to me. “Hey aren’t you Jonathan Toews’ fiancé?” A brown haired girl asked. “Yes I am.” I replied with a smile. “Wow I can’t believe he’s gonna marry you. You’re not even that pretty,” another girl snarled. “Yeah you’re way too short to be with him.” “Excuse me,” I said and started to walk away. “Get back here we’re not finished,” one girl yelled grabbing onto my arm and yanking me back. “Don’t touch me,” I said pulling free of her grasp. “Or what? What are you going to do about it?” The brown hair girl snapped. I just rolled my eyes and tried to leave but another girl slammed me against the wall. I tried to push her away but she had a tight grip on me. “Let me go,” I sad trying to get free. “You don’t deserve him. He’s way too good for you. You pathetic fucking whore!” She yelled and raised her hand back punching me in the face causing me to fall to the ground. Next thing I know the other three joined in and start kicking and punching me. I curled up in a ball trying to protect myself as best as I could. The last thing I remember before blacking out was screaming for Jonathan.