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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 3

Weeks past and before I knew it, it was already December. I was getting ready to fly to Saskatoon to be with my family and relatives for Christmas. I wish Jon could come with me but since he has a game on the 26th he can’t. I was disappointed it was our first Christmas since we got engaged and we wouldn’t be spending it together. It was the day before I leave and I was in our room packing the last few things into my suitcase. I heard footsteps and turned around to see Jon standing in to doorway. “You’re still packing?” he asked. “Just putting the last few things in,” I replied as Jon walked over to the dresser and began going through a drawer. “Why don’t you bring this,” he said holding up my favourite red lingerie outfit. “Why it’s not like I’m going to need it since you’re staying here.” “Just take it you never know what could happen,” he said putting it in my suitcase. “Fine but I probably won’t end up wearing it,” I said closing my suitcase and getting ready for bed since I had to be up early to catch my flight.

The alarm went off at 4:45am, I turned it off and quietly tried to get out of bed but I felt Jon’s strong arms snake around me pulling me back towards him. “Stay just a bit longer,” he said sleepily his eyes still closed. “I can’t I don’t want to miss my flight,” I said giving him a small kiss and climbing out of bed and heading into the bathroom. When I came out Jon was just finishing getting dressed. “Ready to go?” he asked. “Yeah I guess.” We headed out the door and drove to the airport. "Flight 128 to Saskatoon now boarding" came over the speaker. “I guess I should go,” I replied standing up and giving Jon a hug. Jon bent down to kiss me as tears welled up in my eyes. I didn’t want the kiss to end; I wanted to be with Jon for Christmas, but I knew I had to go. Jon gave me one last hug, “I love you,” he whispered in my ear. “I love you too,” I said blinking back tears as I went to board the plane.

When I got off the plane and went to the baggage claim I saw my Nana and Papa waiting there for me. “Chelsey we’re so happy that you could come!” My Nana said giving me a hug. “I am too I’m really excited to see everyone, it’s been a while.” We got to my cousins house where everyone was already there. I gave my mom and dad hugs and said hello to all of my aunts, uncles and cousins and my brother. “Where’s Jonathan?” my cousin Mikhayla asked. “He had to stay in Chicago because he has a game on the 26th,” I said. “Have you guys got any more plans for the wedding?” asked my Auntie Joyce. “We’ve got the date and guest list already, we’re still deciding on where to have it.”

We chatted about what everyone was up too and how things were going. It was then time for my mom, dad, brother and I to go back to my Nana and Papa’s condo since that’s where we were sleeping while we’re here. I went to the room that my Nana had rented for me to stay in while I was here. It was nice and small but cozy, just big enough for a double bed and 2 bedside tables. There was a counter with a little fridge underneath and the bathroom had a sink and a shower/tub. I put my suitcase down at the end of the bed, got out one of Jon’s t-shirts that he gave me when we first started dating, put it on and crawled into bed.

The next day, Christmas Eve, we went over to my cousin’s house again since that’s where we would be spending most of our time since my Nana and Papa’s condo was too small to fit everyone in. I walked into the house and noticed that my Uncle Ronn wasn’t there. “Where’s your dad?” I asked my cousin Logan. “Oh he had to go into work for a little bit; he should be back around 1pm.” “Oh ok”, I replied as we headed downstairs to play Wii. We had been playing Mario Kart for a while when I heard my mom call me saying she needed me to help her with something. I went upstairs, my cousins and brother following me. I saw my Uncle Ronn and said hi to him.

I entered the kitchen and my eyes went wide when I saw him standing there in the living room. “JONATHAN!!!” I screamed running into his arms. He laughed as he picked me up, spinning me around. He set me down and placed a light kiss on my lips. “What are you doing here?” I asked still in shock. “I couldn’t spend our first Christmas engaged apart from you so I came up here,” he replied with a smile. “But don’t you have a game?” I asked slightly confused. “Yeah I fly back that morning.” I smiled and kissed him again.

“Ok so can we go tobogganing now?” asked my cousin Kholton. “Yeah let’s go,” Jon and I replied. All of us cousin’s and Jon headed out into the snow. We came back laughing and covered in snow. “That was so much fun,” my cousin Cole said as we came into the kitchen to get hot chocolate. “Yeah it was,” the rest of us replied. We got our hot chocolate and went to go sit in the living room where everyone else was. Jon sat on the couch; I sat down close beside him with my legs resting on his lap. Jon wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close, giving me a kiss on my forehead. “Awwww you two are so cute,” my Auntie Tess said as she took a picture of us. “Thanks,” I smiled sheepishly, smiling up at Jon.

After dinner and spending the rest of the evening talking and playing Wii, we went back to my Nana and Papa’s condo. We said goodnight to everyone and headed into the rented room. I grabbed my red lingerie outfit out of my suitcase and went into the bathroom. I came out and saw Jon lying on the bed. “Good thing I told you to bring that huh,” he said with a smirk coming over to kiss me. “Mmmhum, now you just have to lose the clothes,” I smirked kissing him and pulling his t-shirt over his head. Jon wrapped his arms around my waist deepening the kiss as I ran my hands along his chest. My hands found their way to his belt buckle and unbuckled it and undid the button and zipper of his jeans. Both of us in our underwear, we moved so that we were lying on the bed, I was on top of Jon. Jon’s hands ran up and down my back. He unhooked my bra and slid it off. I moved my hands to the hem of his boxers and slid them down. Jon then flipped me over so that he was now on top and slid my panties off. He lips moved to my collarbone slowly making their way to my breasts. I moaned with pleasure. “Jon, stop teasing me,” I breathed. He looked at me and smirked, knowing exactly what I wanted. The sex was amazing, probably the best we’ve ever had. I looked over at Jon lying next to me; he smiled down at me and wrapped his arm around me. “I love you,” I said laying my head on his chest. “I love you too,” he said kissing my forehead before we both fell asleep.