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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 32

I woke up the next morning, our last day there, to the sound of rain hitting the glass of the window. I rolled over and saw that Jon was awake. “Morning,” I said as I leaned over to kiss his lips. “Morning babe,” Jon replied. “So what are we doing today? It doesn’t look very nice out,” I said looking out the window seeing that it was raining. “Yeah I know. David texted me saying that everyone was just gonna hang out in both of our parent’s cottages for the day.” “Ok sounds good. I’m gonna go shower then,” I replied giving Jon a quick kiss. Once I was done in the shower I got out and went to go find something to wear. I decided on my faded skinny jeans that had a hole in the right knee, a navy blue tank and a white off the shoulder long-sleeve tee. I put on a bit of makeup and put my hair up in a loose side pony. Jon came out of the bathroom in jeans, and a grey t-shirt. “Ready to go?” “Yup,” I replied slipping on my shoes and grabbing my phone. We went over to Jon’s parent’s cottage. We walked inside and saw that all of the cousins were there. “Where’s the parent’s?” I asked walking into the living room. “Over at the Bell’s cottage,” Ashley replied. “Oh ok,” I replied sitting down on the couch watching the guys play video games. I laughed as Jon was getting frustrated while playing Mario Kart. “See Jonny even your wife is laughing at how bad you’re doing,” David smirked. “I am not, I’m laughing at how serious his face is,” I replied. “Sure you are,” David replied. The race ended and Jon threw his controller down. “I’m done,” he said angrily and walked off into the kitchen. I got up and followed him into the kitchen. “Babe, you know it’s just a game,” I said as Jon closed the fridge door, a bottle of water in his hand. “I know but David knows just how to push my buttons,” Jon said in annoyance. “Don’t worry about it. Just ignore him,” I said standing on my tip toes to give him a kiss. We then went back into the living room. Jon sat down on the couch and pulled me on to his lap. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me as we watched David, Shane, Logan and Mike play Mario Kart. “So Chelsey, how long before you and Jonny start having babies?” Morgan asked. “Excuse me,” I coughed choking on my water. “How long before you start having kids, or do you not want to have kids,” Morgan replied. “No we want to have kids. Hopefully soon right babe?” I asked looking up at Jon. “You mean you’re ready to start trying again?” Jon asked looking hopeful. “Yeah I think I am...I mean if you’re ready,” I said. Jon smiled and leaned down to give me a warm kiss. “So I’ll take that as a yes?” I laughed. “Oh yeah,” Jon smirked as he caught my lips again. A few hours later we were all packed and ready to go. We said goodbye to all our relatives and then hopped in the truck to make the trip back.

A few weeks past it was the middle of June. Jon and I were going to Quebec with his parents and David for their Grandmother’s 80th birthday. We got off the plane and went to go rent a car and drove to Jon’s grandparent’s house. We pulled into the driveway and saw that Jon’s aunts, uncles and cousins Ashley, Morgan and Mike and James were already there. We got out of the car and went around to the backyard and said hello to everyone. “Happy birthday Grandma,” Jon said as he gave her a hug. “Thank you Jonathan,” his Grandmother replied. We then went to go sit with Ashley, Morgan, James and Mike. It was such a beautiful warm and sunny day. “So how are the newlywed’s?” Jon’s Uncle Jim asked. “We’re good, just enjoying being married,” Jon replied grabbing my hand. “Ah yes, I remember the early days of being married. Everything is so new and exciting, you want to spend all your time with each other, and the sex... well I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about that huh,” Jim smirked, raising his eyebrows and nudging Jon. Jon shook his head, “Uh...nope.” “Hey Jon, Uncle Jim come play crokay,” Mike called. “Alright,” Jon said as he got up off the chair. I talked with Ashley and Morgan for a while and watched Jon, David, Mike, James, Jon’s dad and his Uncle Jim play crokay. “It’s so freakin’ hot out here,” David said as he took off his shirt. “Yeah I know,” James and Mike replied taking off their shirts. Jon peeled his shirt off and tossed it on the ground. “Damn my husband looks good,” I called, which caused Jon to smirk and shake his head as they continued to play the game. Once the game was done I got up and asked, “Hey can I play?” “There are no more mallets,” David said. “You can play when someone doesn’t want to play anymore,” James said. “Well maybe I can be on someone’s team,” I said looking around. I smiled and walked over to Jonathan, “Can I be on your team?” “I don’t know babe, that wouldn’t really be fair,” Jon replied. “Please...” I asked while running my hand slowly down his sculpted chest and abs to the hem of his shorts, “I’ll make it up to you later,” I whispered. “Oh alright,” Jon sighed. “Thanks baby,” I smiled and leaned up to kiss him on the check. After playing a few games I went to go sit back down with Ashley and Morgan. “How did you get him to let you play?” Morgan asked in shock. “Easy I just bribed him,” I said. “With what?” Morgan asked. “What do you think...with sex obviously,” Ashley replied. “Oh,” Morgan giggled.

“Dude you caved so easily,” David said to Jon. “Hey it’s not my fault she bribed me,” Jon said. “You could have just said no,” James replied. “There was no way I could pass up that bribe,” Jon smiled. “What did she bribe you with that you couldn’t say no to anyway?” Mike asked. “Something no man would pass up,” Jon replied. “Oh no, she bribed you with sex didn’t she,” David said. “Possibly,” Jon smirked. It was around 5pm and we decided to go inside and get out of the sun. We ate dinner and then decided to have a bonfire since it was getting dark out. I went to go change into a pair of skinny jeans and put on my navy blue hoodie since it was kinda chilly outside. I went outside and heard ‘Let Her Cry by Hootie and The Blowfish’ coming out of the iPod speakers. The fire was already blazing. I noticed that Jon changed into a pair of jeans and had his Blackhawks hoodie on. “Chelsey, want a chair?” Jon’s Uncle Matt asked standing up. “That’s alright Uncle Matt, she can come sit with me,” Jon said pulling me onto his lap, wrapping his arms around me. ‘Dear Go by Avenged Sevenfold’ came on the iPod speakers. I smiled and swayed along to the music, singing along quietly. I shivered when a gust of wind blew. “Cold baby?” Jon whispered in my ear. “Mmhum,” I mumbled snuggling closer to him. “I know something we could do to help you get warm,” he whispered seductively in my ear. “Jonathan,” I laughed. “What would your grandparents think?” “No one has to know,” he whispered, his lips slowly kissing my neck. “You know we’re not exactly the quietest people,” I whispered. “I’m sure we can find some way to keep quiet,” he smirked. “Not tonight babe. I just don’t feel comfortable when your family is right upstairs,” I said. “Fine,” Jon sighed, “But when we get back home you’re gonna have to follow through with the bribe that you promised me.” “Oh don’t worry, I will,” I smiled and leaned up to kiss him.

The next day it was blistering hot outside. We decided to go to the beach that was about an hour’s drive from Jon’s grandparent’s house. We got to the beach and found shady spot on the grass under a big oak tree near the sand to sit. The parents got out their chairs and sat down. Ashley, Morgan, Mike, James, David and Jon and I laid out blankets in the sun for us to sit on. I kicked off my flip flops and took off my tank top and denim shorts revealing my navy blue with little white hearts halter bikini top and bottom. “Wow, my baby looks hot,” Jon exclaimed leaning down to give me a kiss. I just smiled and slapped him playfully and started to walk towards the water. “Oh so that’s how you want to play,” Jon laughed picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder, running into the water. “Jonny! Put me down,” I laughed. “What you don’t like it up there?” “No,” I replied. Jon set me down in the water which was up to my waist. I smirked and tried to run further out into the water. “Oh no you don’t,” Jon laughed grabbing my arm and pulling me back to him. “You’re not going anywhere.” “And why is that?” I asked. “Because then I wouldn’t get to do this,” Jon said and leaned down to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his chest, pulling him closer to me. Jon’s hands were on my lower back slowly traveling down towards my ass. After a few minutes I pulled away, smiled and started walking back to the beach. “That’s it?” Jon called out. “For now,” I smirked. I got back to the blanket that was a few feet away from the rest of the group sitting on the grass and sat down, put my sunglasses on and my earphones and turned on my iPod. The song that came on was ‘Toes by The Zac Brown Band.’ I laid down and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of the sun on my skin. A few minutes later I felt water droplets on my stomach. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Jonathan standing over me. “Yes?” I asked taking out my earphones. “Oh nothing,” Jon smiled and sat down beside me. “Alright,” I said laying back down closing my eyes. A few seconds later I felt someone hovering over me. “Jon what are you doing?” I asked taking off my sunglasses. “I want to continue what we started in the water,” Jon said. “Oh really and what makes you think that I want to,” I smirked. Jon chuckled and leaned down to kiss me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss and pulling him closer to me. Jon’s right hand moved slowly down my side till he reached my hip. His left hand slowly trailed from my knee up my thigh. “Jon...” I breathed, “Stop, teasing.” He just smirked and placed both hands on my hips and quickly rolled over so that I was now lying on top of him. “Hey I have to take advantage of all the foreplay I can get this weekend,” he said as his hands grabbed my ass. “Well two can play this game,” I smirked running my hand down his chest and abs to the waistband of his swim trunks. My fingers lightly grazed the fabric covering his manhood. I felt Jon tense up. I smiled and continued to massage the area. “Chelsey...” Jon groaned into my shoulder. “Told you two could play this game,” I smirked giving him a kiss on the lips. I then got off him and went to go sit over where Morgan and Ashley were. “Looks like you and Jon were having fun over there,” Ashley smirked. “Uhuh,” I replied. “Why is he just sitting there?” Morgan asked. “Let’s just say he really enjoyed the fun we were having,” I smiled. “Ah,” Ashley and Morgan giggled. Jon made his way over to where we were and sat down beside me. “You’re such a tease,” he said. “Got a little too excited over there Jonny,” Ashley laughed. “I would have been fine in someone hadn’t coaxed me,” Jon said looking at me. “What did I do?” I asked grinning. “Oh you know what you did. But don’t worry I’ll get you back,” Jon smirked.

We spent a couple more hours at the beach and then decided we should head back. We got back to Jon’s grandparent’s house around 7pm. I changed out of my beach clothes and into a pair of grey skinny jeans, a white tank top and a purple pullover hoodie. I walked out into the living room and sat down beside Jon. Jon put his arm around me, pulling me close and placed a kiss on my forehead. We just sat around and talked for a while before everyone decided to go to bed. I changed out of my clothes and into one of Jon’s old t-shirts and climbed into bed beside Jon. “Did you have a good time?” Jon asked as I rested my head on his chest. “Yes I did but I’m ready to go home,” I yawned. “Me too,” Jon said giving me a sweet kiss before we drifted off to sleep. The next morning we got up and said our goodbyes to Jon’s relatives before we headed to the airport. We arrived back home in Winnipeg about 4 hours later. We pulled up to Jon’s parent’s house and climbed out of the car. Jon walked with me into my parent’s house, since that’s where we were staying while my parents and brother were gone on a camping trip through the States. “A house all to ourselves for the next 3 weeks, whatever will we do,” I smiled and turned around to face Jon. “I can think of something that requires very little clothing,” Jon smirked walking over to me. “Mr. Toews!” I giggled. “Oh you know you want it Mrs. Toews, don’t deny it,” Jon said leaning down to kiss me. “Well I guess if I have no choice,” I smiled. Jon then picked me up, my legs and arms wrapped around his waist and neck, kissing me as we made our way to my bedroom.