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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 33

Jon had started his fitness workout to get ready for next season and I decided I would start working out too, since I wasn’t working it gave me something to do instead of just sitting around at home. I put on my jogging shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed my running shoes and my iPod. I decided that I would go for a run while Jon was at the gym doing weights. I put my earphones in and turned to my rock playlist. The first song that came on was ‘Your Betrayal by Bullet for My Valentine’. I got back to Jon’s apartment that he had in Winnipeg about an hour and a half later. “Jon you home,” I called out as I set my keys down and took off my shoes. There was no answer. I walked into the kitchen/living room and saw that he wasn’t there. I then went into the bedroom, Jon wasn’t there either. ‘Must still be at the gym’, I thought to myself. I decided to take a shower because I felt all sweaty and gross. I went into the bathroom, got out of my work out clothes and stepped into the shower. I thought I could hear the front door open but I wasn’t sure. A few minutes later I felt these strong arms wrap around my waist and lips kissing my collarbone. “Hey baby,” Jon said huskily. I turned around so I was facing him, “Hi. And what are you doing here?” “Well I figured we could conserve water by showering together,” Jon smirked. “Oh you did you,” I laughed. “Mmmhum,” Jon mumbled as he kissed my lips.

A few weeks past and it was now the end of June. I woke up one morning not feeling the greatest. “Chels, baby are you okay?” Jon asked slowly opening the bathroom door. Tears were rolling down my checks. “Baby don’t cry, what’s wrong?” Jon asked with a worried look on his face. I laughed, “Theses are happy tears Jon,” I said handing him a stick. Jon looked at the stick and broke into a huge smile. “Really, for real?” he asked excitedly. I nodded, “Yeah, we’re pregnant.” Jon picked me up, spun me around and kissed me. “We’ve got to go tell our parents,” Jon said excitedly. “Now?” I asked. “Yeah right now,” Jon said pulling me towards the door. “Okay but can I at least get dressed first.” “Oh, yeah I guess you could do that,” Jon said. Once we were ready we headed over to our parent’s house to tell them the good news. We drove up and saw both of our parents outside. “Hi Chelsey, Hi Jonathan,” my mom said coming over to us. “Hi mom, we have something we need to tell all of you,” I said. “Oh okay well let’s go into the backyard,” Andree said. We followed both of our parents into the Toews’ backyard. We waited for both parents and Shane and David to sit down on the patio chairs that were on the deck. “So what do you have to tell us?” Bryan asked. I looked up at Jon both of us smiling. “Well how would you like to have a grandchild,” I asked. “You mean you’re pregnant?” my mom asked excitedly. I just smiled and nodded. “Oh Chelsey, we’re so happy for you!” my mom exclaimed coming over to hug me. “Nice work son,” Bryan said shaking Jon’s hand. “Thanks dad,” Jon laughed. “So how far along are you,” Andree asked. “I’m not sure. We just found out this morning so I’ll have to book an appointment with my doctor and see,” I replied. “Dude, we’re gonna be uncles,” David said to Shane. “Sweet, we can teach the kid how to pull pranks,” Shane said high-fiving David. I shook my head and Jon just laughed.

A few months had gone by and it was the beginning of October. The season was just underway and the team was looking good. I was 4 months pregnant and just starting to show. Jon had practice today so after I was done work I went to go meet him. I walked into the dressing room and was greeted by Sharpie. “Hey Chelsey how are you?” Patrick asked. “I’m good Patrick, how are you?” “I’m good. How’s the little one doing?” he asked. “Pretty good,” I replied putting my hands on the little bump that was there. “Oh you have a little bump!” Patrick exclaimed. “Yup,” I smiled. “Oh I want to see the bump,” Seabs called. “Me too,” yelled Duncan, Kaner, Crawford and Soupy. They all crowded around me and I lifted up my shirt a little so they could see my baby bump. “Oh cool can I touch it?” Seabs asked. “Sure,” I replied. “It feels weird,” Seabs said while poking my belly. I laughed. “What feels weird?” Jon asked coming out of the showers, a white towel hung low on his hips. “Your wife’s bump,” Seabs replied. “My wife’s what,” Jon exclaimed pushing his way through the guys to get to me. “The baby bump,” I told Jon. “Oh,” Jon said. “Yeah I just can’t believe that there’ll be a little Tazer running around soon,” Kaner said. “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Duncs asked. “It’s a girl,” Jon smiled. “Do you have a name picked out?” Soupy asked. “We have few,” I replied. “So Jon what’s the best thing about Chelsey being pregnant?” Crawford asked. “Oh he’s gonna say the fact that my boobs are getting bigger,” I replied. “I was not,” Jon replied. “Oh really then what were you going to say?” I asked. “I- ugh-.” “Yeah that’s what I thought,” I shook my head and leaned up to give Jon a kiss on the check.

Once Jon was done changing we headed home. We got home and I went to sit on the couch right away. I tired from being on my feet all day. Jon came and sat down beside me. “How are you feeling?” Jon asked. “Tired and sore,” I replied. “Well let me help you feel better,” Jon said while lifting my feet up onto his lap and gently rubbing his thumbs in circles on the bottoms of my feet. “Mmm that feels so good,” I sighed. About 30 minutes later Jon and I went to bed. “I love you Mrs. Toews,” Jon said giving me a kiss. “And I love you too,” Jon said kissing my little baby bump. I giggled, “I love you too,” I said kissing Jon.

A few weeks had past and I was sitting with Jenn and Sarah watching the boys practice. “Chelsey are you alright?” Jenn asked. “Yeah why?” I asked. “Because you’re bleeding,” Jenn said. I looked down at my pants to see that I was in fact bleeding. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed starting to panic, “What do we do?” “Let’s get you to a hospital,” Jenn said helping me up. All the commotion from us caused the practice to stop. “Chelsey, where are you going?” Jon yelled. “To the hospital. We’ll meet you there,” Jenn called down to the ice. I was in a hospital room lying down when the door slammed open. Jon was standing there with a worried look on his face. “Chelsey, baby what’s wrong, what happened?” Jon asked coming over to the side of the bed and grabbing my hand. “I’m going into labour early,” I stuttered. “What, but your only 4 months along,” Jon said confused. “I know. Jon I’m so scared, what’s gonna happen to the baby,” I cried. “Shhh, baby don’t worry we’ll get through this. Everything’s going to be okay,” Jon replied giving my hand a reassuring squeeze and a kiss on the check.

“Okay Chelsey, we need one more big push,” the doctor said. I pushed as hard as I could. “That’s it, just a little more,” the doctor said. I pushed one last time and heard a cry. “You did so good baby,” Jon said leaning over to kiss me. “Where are they taking her?” I asked. “We have to put her in an incubator until she is stable to breathe on her own,” the doctor replied. “What, what do you mean. Why?” I asked. “She was born very premature. Therefore she’s not fully developed. There’s a chance that she might not survive. If by some miracle she does survive she might never be able to walk, talk, sit up, and feed herself,” the doctor replied. “But they’re have been cases where the baby survives and has no health concerns right?” I asked. “Some yes, but not many make it, I’m sorry,” the doctor replied leaving the room. I burst into tears, “Why, Why us?” “Don’t worry we’re gonna get through this,” Jon soothed, hugging me as he place a kiss on my forehead. “I’m just so scared,” I sobbed. “I know baby, I know,” Jon whispered.

A few hours later when I had calmed down, Jon and I went to go see our baby. We walked up and looked inside the incubator. There she was, Arwen Sophia Toews. Born October 7th, 2011, 1 pound 4 ounces. Machines beeped all around her. Tubes were coming out of her throat; patches were on her chest and stomach. She looked so tiny, so small and fragile. Her head was no bigger than a tennis ball, her body no bigger than my hand, her arms and legs as skinny as toothpicks. We were not allowed to touch or hold her for the fear that she would get sick.

Jon and I stayed the next two nights in the hospital. We called our parents to let them know what was happening. I spent all of my time at the hospital. I only went home to sleep. Jon would come to the hospital after practices and games as much as he could. A few days after Arwen was born she finally opened her eyes. She had Jon’s dark chocolate brown eyes. I got used to the constant beeping of the machines. Some days Arwen was doing really well but then other days she would relapse. Two months had past and Arwen was still in the hospital in the incubator. I came home one night tired and exhausted. It was not a good day, Arwen had gotten pneumonia and I felt as if just as things started to get better something always had to ruin it. I went and sat on the couch and just cried. Jon wouldn’t get home until later so I was all by myself. I don’t know how long I was curled up on the couch crying when I heard the door open. “Chels, baby are you here?” Jon called out quietly. “Over here,” I sobbed. “Chels what’s wrong?” Jon asked as he sat down on the couch wrapping his arms around me. “Arwen has pneumonia,” I cried. Jon did say anything he just held me as we both cried. A few weeks later Arwen’s pneumonia was gone and things started to look better. She ended up pulling the breathing tube out by herself. So she was now breathing on her own. A few days later she was able to be out of the incubator but she still had to stay in intensive care. Jon and I spent Christmas in the hospital with our families. We were able to hold Arwen for the first time on New Year’s Eve. “She looks just like you,” Jon said as I held her. “But she has your eyes and your smile,” I replied looking down at Arwen. “She’s so beautiful,” Andree smiled. “Yes she is,” my mom agreed.

On February 10th Arwen was finally able to come home, she was still very tiny. “Hey Chels is it okay if some of the guys come over. They want to see Arwen,” Jon asked. “Sure that’s fine,” I replied as I took Arwen out of her car seat and placed her in her crib in the nursery. I turned around and saw Jon standing in the doorway. “What?” I questioned. “Nothing.” “No what were you thinking about?” I asked coming over to him. “I was just thinking about how lucky I am to have such a beautiful baby girl and an amazing, beautiful, sexy wife,” Jon said. “Well you’re right about the beautiful baby girl,” I said. “And the other thing too,” Jon said as his lips caught mine in a loving kiss. “Why don’t we take this somewhere else,” Jon smirked leading me towards the living room. I smiled as Jon pulled me down on top of him. Just as it was getting pretty heated there was a knock on the door. Jon groaned and we both reluctantly got up to go answer the door. Jon opened the door and let Sharpie, Sarah, Jenn, Kaner, Duncan, Rebecca, Seabs, and Crawford in. “Hey guys come on in,” I said as everyone made their way to the living room and sat down. “So where is the baby girl?” Sharpie asked. “She’s sleeping right now,” Jon replied pulling me onto his lap. “But we have pictures if you want to see those,” I replied getting up and grabbing the camera. “Oh she’s so cute,” Jenn exclaimed. “Wow who knew Tazer could make such a cute baby,” Kaner smirked. “Hey!” Jon exclaimed. “Geez Tazer you’ll have boys lining up to get a piece of her,” Seabs said. “Oh no, she’s not dating till she’s at least 25,” Jon said. “We’ll see about that,” I laughed leaning up to kiss Jon.