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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 6

The Blackhawks had 2 away games in California and it was the mother and girlfriends/wives trip as well so I got to go along. I was excited to go, I liked Andree and she knows me so well since Jon and I grew up together. We got to Anaheim on the 2nd at about 9am. We checked into our hotel and headed up to the room. The mom’s, girlfriends/wives were sharing a room with their son or boyfriend/husband. So I was sharing a room with Jon and Andree. We entered the room and saw 2 beds. Andree took one and let Jon and I have the other one. “Now there will be no fooling around while I’m here,” said Andree. “Mom! That would just be gross, plus we would never do that,” exclaimed Jon looking over at me as I shook my head. “Alright that’s what I figured I just wanted to make sure,” Andree replied. Andree and I then went with the other mom’s and girlfriends/wives to go look at some celebrities houses, while Jon and the rest of the team got ready for the game.

We got to the arena and went up to the box where all the mom’s, girlfriends and wives were sitting. Jonathan was sitting with us too since he was still out because of his shoulder. Andree and I were both wearing “Toews” jersey like all the other moms, girlfriends and wives who were wearing the jersey of their son, boyfriend or husband. Jon took a seat between his mother and me. He grabbed my hand and interlaced his fingers with mine as the game was just starting. Jon watched intensely, I could tell he wanted to be out on the ice instead of up in the box. Bickell scored for Chicago in the first and so did the Ducks making the score tied going into the second. The Ducks scored in the second. Then during the intermission Jon, Andree and I were going to do an interview. We went to where the interview was taking place. Andree was on one side of Jon while I was on the other. Jon had his arm around my waist. The interviewer introduced us saying that he was here with Jonathan Toews, his mother Andree and his fiancé Chelsey. He then asked Andree how she was enjoying her time with the Blackhawks. “Oh it’s fantastic, we’re having so much fun,” Andree replied. He then asked Jon about his shoulder and how he was feeling. “I’m feeling much better,” Jon said, “hopefully I’ll be able to play tomorrow.” The interviewer then asked Andree why she was proud of Jonathan. “Well I love that he’s a kind, caring person. It’s nice that he’s had success in hockey but being a good person is very important.” He then turned to me and asked how long Jonathan and I have been together. “We’ve been together for about 2 ½ years, but we’ve known each other since we were babies,” I replied smiling up at Jonathan as he smiled down at me. The interview ended and we went back to our seat to watch the rest of the game. The Hawks had so many chances but just couldn’t score. The Ducks ended up winning 2-1.

The next day all the girls went shopping. Jenn and I were walking around the stores with Andree and Donna, Kaner’s mom. We were walking around when we came to Victoria Secret. “Why don’t you girls go in, you can get a little something for the boys,” Donna said. “Um...alright, if you don’t mind,” Jenn said to Donna and Andree. “No, we don’t mind. We’ll go wonder some more and you can text us when you’re done and we can meet up somewhere,” replied Andree. “Alright, see you later,” I replied as Jenn and I went into the store.

We got back to the hotel and went to the room to drop our bags off and get ready to go to the game. Andree and I put our bags down and started putting the clothes that we bought into our suitcases. Jon came out of the bathroom in his dress pants and no shirt on. His hair was still damp from showering. He came over to the bed where my bags were. “Oh what’s in here?” he asked reaching for the Victoria Secret bag. “No,” I said grabbing the bag off the bed before he could reach it. “You’ll have to wait till later,” I whispered in his ear and put the bag inside my suitcase. Jon pretended to be sad and Andree just laughed. We finished getting ready and headed to the game.

Jon was back in the line up and I could tell he was excited to get back on the ice. The Kings scored first, but the Hossa scored making it tied going into the second. Sharpie scored at the beginning of the second giving the Hawks a 2-1 lead. But the Kings scored with a few minutes left in the second making the score tied again. In the third period Sharp scored his second of the night giving the Hawks a 3-2 lead. Then Jonathan scored the game winning goal making the final score 4-2. “Nice goal babe,” I said when Jon came out of the dressing room. “Thanks,” Jon replied bending down to kiss me. We then headed to the bus and went to the airport to head back to Chicago.

We got back to the condo and went to put our suitcases away. I was putting my clothes back into the dresser drawers and closet when I heard Jon come up behind me. “Can I see what’s in the bag now?” Jon asked wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my check. “No, you have to wait till your mom leaves tomorrow.” “Ugh, fine,” Jon replied. We were so tired from the past two days that all 3 of us went straight to bed. Andree’s flight wasn’t till the afternoon so we got up and went out for breakfast before we took her to the airport. We got to the airport and said our goodbyes. “I’m so glad you could come mom,” Jon said hugging Andree. “Oh I am too, I had so much fun Jon,” Andree replied giving Jon a kiss on the check. “And I had so much fun with you too Chelsey.” “I had fun with you too Andree,” I replied giving her a hug. Jon and I left the airport and went back to the condo. We got inside and I was walking to go sit on the couch when I felt Jon’s arms around me. “Can I see what’s in the bag now?” he whispered in my ear. “Ok fine, yes you can,” I said as he dragged me to the bedroom so I could show him what I bought from Victoria Secret.