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The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine

Chapter 8

It was the evening of the “Campbell’s for Kids Poker Tournament” and I was at work waiting for Jon to pick me up. I work in a child care centre with school age children. It was just after 3 in the afternoon and the kids had just come from school so they were waiting for snack to be served. I placed what was for snack on the table and let the kids help themselves, reminding them that they had to have at least 2 pieces of fruit. I looked at the clock, it was 3:15. My shift ended at 3:30 and I knew Jon would be here shortly to pick me up. As I was cleaning up snack I heard the doorbell ring. I looked up to see my co-worker Jenifer answer the door. “Oh my god, it’s Jonathan Toews!” some kids screamed. “Chelsey, Jon’s here,” Jenifer said as I finished washing my hands. “Alright, thanks,” I replied turning around to see Jon being swarmed by a group of kids asking questions. “Why are you here? Can I have your autograph? You’re my favourite player,” were some of the kid’s comments. “Alright everyone, give Jonathan some room,” I said stepping into the circle as the kids moved back a little. “Hey,” Jon said bending down to give me a hug and a kiss on the check. “Ewwww! Chelsey why did he kiss you?” asked one girl. “Because that’s what you do with a fiancé,” I replied. “What’s a fiancé?” asked another kid. “It’s the person you’re going to marry,” I replied looking up at Jonathan with a smile. “You mean you two are engaged,” exclaimed another girl. “Yes we are,” answered Jonathan. “Oh that’s so cool! You get to marry the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks!” said a boy excitedly. “Yup, well we should get going Chels,” replied Jonathan. “Right, see you tomorrow,” I waved goodbye to all the children as Jonathan and I headed off to the casino.

We went into the back entrance of the casino since the front entrance was packed with people lining up waiting to get in to register. We found the room where all the other Blackhawks and their girlfriends or wives were. “Hey Chels,” Jenn said as I walked over to where she, Robyn and Catherine were, while Jon went to go chat with Kaner, Brian, Duncan and Brent. “Hey Jenn, you excited about tonight?” I asked. “Meh, I don’t really know anything about poker. I’m just glad I get to spend time with Pat.” “Yeah I agree, it’s nice to spend time with Jon away from hockey.” Coach Q came in the room and told everyone that it was time to go take our seats at the tables that we were assigned too. Jon grabbed my hand as we headed out to find our table.

We entered the main room of the casino and I was shocked at how many people there were. We found our table and sat down. “Hi, I’m Jon and this is my fiancé Chelsey,” Jonathan said to everyone sitting at the table. They all introduced themselves. Brian then came on the microphone to thank everyone for coming and to explain the rules. We started playing; Hossa was the first Blackhawk to be out. Jenn lost shortly after and I lost after her. I excused myself from the table and went to go talk to Jenn over by the bar. “Looks like we didn’t last long,” I laughed as I sat down beside her. “Haha yeah, well I figured I would be out within the first few rounds,” she said. “It’s so funny to watch Jon, he’s got that same serious face like when he plays hockey.” “Haha yeah I know, he pretty much has that face on during any competitive game,” I replied. We talked for a while. I decided I would go see how Jon was doing.

I walked over to the table and put my arms around Jon’s shoulders. “How’s it going?” I asked. “Not so good,” Jon replied. “Well maybe this will help,” I said as I gave him a kiss on the check. Jon just smiled and continued to play the game. He put all his chips in and ended up losing the hand. “Well I guess that didn’t help you,” I said removing my arms from his shoulders so that he could take off his jersey and give it to the fan who won. “That’s alright,” Jon said handing his jersey to the fan and taking a picture with him. He thanked everyone at the table for playing and excused himself. Jon then put a hand on my waist and pulled me close. “I know how you can help me get over the loss,” he whispered seductively leading me away from the tables. “Jon we can’t leave, it’s not over,” I replied as Jon lead me out of the main room and into a hidden corner of a hallway. “We’re not leaving, we’re just passing the time while we wait for all the tables to be done playing,” he said pushing me up against the wall. “What if someone’s see’s?” I asked. “Nobody’s going to see, we’re in a secluded hallway,” Jon replied bending down to kiss me. Our lips moved in sync with each other. The kiss grew more heated as time when on. Jon lifted me up causing me to wrap my legs and arms around his waist and neck. Jon’s hand slowly made its way from my knee up my thigh and I let out a small moan. Jon smiled, moving his way from my lips down my neck. Just then I felt Jon’s phone vibrate. Jon groaned and looked at the text from Kaner. ‘Where are you two? You need to get back here it’s almost over.’ “I guess we should go back,” I said. “Yeah I guess,” Jon replied taking my hand.

We went back into the main room of the casino and found Kaner and Jenn. “Where were you?” Jenn asked. “Around,” I replied smiling up a Jon. “Oh don’t tell me you two were having sex,” Kaner exclaimed. “No, you interrupted us before we could get that far,” Jon said. “Jon!” I exclaimed lightly smacking him. Jenn just laughed. Brian came on the mic and we turned our attention to the stage. Brian thanked everyone for coming once again and told us how much money we had raised for the charity. The fans all left so it was just the Blackhawks and the girlfriends and wives. “Ok now can we leave so we can continue what we started in the hallway?” Jon whispered in my ear. “Is that all you can think about?” I asked laughing. “Hey it’s not my fault you look incredibly sexy tonight,” Jon said bending down to give me a small kiss on my lips. “Alright fine, let’s go.” We said goodbye to everyone and headed out to the truck and drove home.