‹ Prequel: Chasing our Fate
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Creating Fate


Each man is the architect of his own fate.

Stevvie Jameson and Nick Jonas have your typical love story...with a few twists of fate here and there. Despite this fact, one thing that is prevalent in their lives is their never-ending love and devotion to one another. Nick knows what he wants in life, and Stevvie knows what she wants in life. But, are they sure they know what each other wants? What is in store for this young couple? This time they're in charge..what will happen?
  1. The question
    “Oh...well what is it?” Jen asked, gaining curiosity.
  2. 2 years
    “Not yet,” Nick corrected him.
  3. Growl
    “No bedroom,” I played along, “how about we make some brunch?”
  4. 18 holes
    Out of amusement, I agreed to play him once again.
  5. Sneak peak.