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Creating Fate

2 years

Nick thanked God when his phone happened to go off with Rick Astley’s deep voice, signaling Stevvie calling. He wasn’t mad at her parents, in fact it just intensified his desire to get their blessing. As soon as they realized it was Stevvie calling, they excused themselves to give Nick the privacy he needed.

“Hey Baby!” Stevvie’s cheery voice rang out.

Nick sat down on one of the lawn chairs and turned it on speakerphone.

“Hey lady,” he sighed, “what’s up?”

The raindrops continued to trickle down, hitting leaves on the trees that rested in the
Jamesons’ extravagant yard. The unfortunate weather perfectly match the mellow mood Nick was in, thanks to his always-optimistic girlfriend.

“Oh nothing, I just got tired of being stuck in that studio all day…we’ve been going at it since about eight this morning,” Stevvie explained, “Pixie has been amazing though.”

“Yeah?” Nick replied, “I can’t wait to hear some new tracks.”

“I’m so excited for you to hear them too! Oh, and there’s a song writer I want you to meet…Gosh you guys have such similar writing styles, I can just hear the number singles writing themselves. You’ll like her. Oh and I forgot to tell you this morning, I finished your paper for you and turned it in before it was late because you forgot again…Honey you’re going to fail art history if you don’t keep up with the papers.”

Nick smiled and shook his head. “I know…I know…I just hate art history…I see no use for it.
Thank you baby, I promise I’ll write your next lit Analysis for you since I already took that class...Wilson won’t even notice. So, you think I’ll get along with her? What’s her name? Who has she written for before?”

“Thank God because it’s over To Kill a Mockingbird…do you know how many times I’ve had to analyze that damn book? It’s ridiculous. Yeah, her name is Anna and she’s written for Jordin Sparks and a couple of other people I forgot.”

“Ugh, can I owe you some other way actually? I think I’ve read that book as many times as you have. Cool, um we’ll set up some studio time like next week then,” Nick responded.

“Oh no you don’t…you’re writing my paper,” Stevvie replied, “…you sound upset. What’s wrong Nicholas?”

Nick stood up, shocked that she could tell something was wrong over the phone because he was acting completely normal. “No honey…I’m-I’m fine…I sound upset?”

“Yes…did something happen?” Stevvie asked.

“No…you’re probably mistaking upset for tired...I had a rough flight to Dallas and the airport was crazy…I’m perfectly happy actually,” Nick made an excuse.

“Are you sure…” Stevvie continued.

“Yes…you know why?” Nick assured her, “because I’m talking to you and I’ll always be happy as long as I hear your voice. “

Stevvie hesitated to believe him and finally decided he was being honest. “Okay…but I still know you when your upset…and I guess whatever is upsetting you isn’t that big of a deal so I’ll drop it. I love you baby.”

Nick smiled. “I love you too.”

Nick heard Stevvie sighing and he knew she was about to say goodbye. Just as they did, Todd walked back out onto the patio.

He waited to talk until he was sure Stevvie was gone.

“So…I wanted to talk to you again…Nick…how long have you been thinking about this whole…marriage thing?”

Nick sat down next to Todd and looked at Todd genuinely…his fear was gone and it was replaced with even more respect for Todd.

“Seriously speaking…Since around our one year anniversary…so back in January. I talked to my brothers about it first, then my parents…they had the same concerns that you had, but they figured since I was mature enough to even consider it, and the fact that I was going to talk to you guys first they trusted me that I was making the right decision. Todd, you know me and you know how much Stevvie means to me…if I didn’t have her feelings and well being in mind, I wouldn’t have even attempted to get your blessing.”

“Well…it looks like you have prepared for the questions I had…impressive,” Todd simply replied, “I know you were a little upset at the fact that I said no-“

“Not yet,” Nick corrected him.

“Not yet…but, I think you understand why I did despite those other reasons we already discussed.” Todd continued.

“Well…not to cross any lines…but, I’m pretty sure it has to do with that fact that I’m basically asking to take your daughter away from you. We both know that you, Jen and Stevvie have a special connection that most daughters don’t have with their parents. I understand that.”

“There’s a reason I’m letting you date my daughter,” Todd smiled and placed an arm around Nick.

“Jennifer kind of felt like we weren’t giving you a chance, so I promised her I’d talk to you again and see if I wanted to change my mind. It’s my call. Nicholas, to be honest with you, I’m not changing my decision, I still want you to wait…but I will give you a time length.”

“and what is it?” Nick asked desperately.

“2 years…after your second anniversary…the ball is in your court.”

Nick couldn’t help but smile and hug Todd.

“Thank you sir…thank you so much. I promise I won’t let you down. I’ll take care of her.”

“I know you will…now don’t you have a flight to catch? It’s getting late Son,” Todd reminded him.


"I KNEW IT," Stevvie exclaimed as she jumped up and began to do a victory dance,
"Nicholas, you owe me my $200."

Nick rolled his eyes and smirked. "Fine...fine...you were right."

Jackie scoffed and glared at the couple. "You two bet on whether I was with child or not? I'm so offended right now."

Stevvie shrugged and smiled. "Hey, give me the benefit of the doubt, I said you were preggers, that kid over there said you were just getting fat."

Nick winced at Jackie's devilish glares and put his hands up in defense. "Jackie...I promise I'll pay for the baby's nursery if you don't kill me..and those were so not my exact words...I said you just...put on a couple of pounds."

Jackie narrowed her eyes at him and finally sighed. "Fine...I want designer furniture...and diapers, lots of them."

"Deal," Nick quickly agreed. If there was one thing he learned from surviving Dani's pregnancy, it was that you don't piss a pregnant woman off.

Nick turned to his girlfriend who was smiling innocently. He mouthed "you owe me" to her and leaned back into the couch.

"So...how did you figure out that my baby-mama was pregnant?" Storm asked as he rubbed her tiny belly that was already forming.

Stevvie chuckled. "Well, I kind of went through those first stages one time if you all don't recall. Jackie had the same symptoms and everything like me. I want to know how this even happened...what is your plan?"

Storm and Jackie looked towards each other and back to the gang.

"I vote we have a wedding," Eric finally spoke for the first time. "I think it'll be easier...legally and stuff...for the baby."

"Have you guys even thought about marriage?" Nick asked, slightly jealous. He wanted to get married before Storm and Jackie.

"Umm, honestly no...we just found out about the pregnancy about two weeks ago," Jackie replied.

"Yeah, and it didn't exactly happen on purpose." Storm replied, I think we're just going to focus on the baby and Jackie's school, then marriage."

"Yeah, or you guys could just have a court wedding now, and have a big one after the baby is born and you guys are settled better," Eric suggested.

"I want you guys to get married first," Stevvie addressed them. "Talk to my parents, and they'll agree too. Marriage is important to them and you guys are in sort of the same position they were when Jen was pregnant with me."

"Nick...you always have the best advice....what do you think we should do?" Storm asked his best friend.

"Yeah Nick...what do you think?" Jackie added.

Nick looked up to see the gang all looking to him, waiting for him to speak.

Nick let out a breath and put his personal issues aside. "Well....in terms of marriage...I'd do what Stevvie's parents did, focus on the baby first and your financials...you guys are fine with that area because you guys know you have Stevvie and I, but focus finding a safe, quiet environment for the baby...like a house here or in Chicago. Then, have a big wedding. I actually even like what Eric suggested, getting a court wedding for now...that way you guys can be a real family, legally. Look, whatever you guys decide, you know it'll have the baby in mind, so it's your decision ultimately."

"Are you crying Stevvie?" Jackie asked softly. Sure enough, there were tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. Nick immediately tended to her, not even sure what was wrong. Tears from Stevvie was equal to Nick's favorite guitar being broken in half in his mind.

"Don't worry...don't worry," she chuckled, "They're good tears. I'm okay baby. It's just...I can't believe this is happening...I mean...marriage...children...Storm do you remember us talking about this when we were like ten? We've know each other since as long as I've been alive and now you're having a kid with my best friend of over ten years. How crazy is that.?"

"Curse you Stevvie," Eric waved his eyes, "You're making me cry now!"

"Yeah...I guess you can say we've come a long way...and now her she goes....don't you guys know you don't cry in front of a pregnant woman!?"

Jackie and the gang laughed through their happy tears and the gang embraced her in a big group hug.

"I know I haven't been in the gang as long as all of you, but....I truly am blessed to know guys..." Nick stated, "I'm not even going to lie, I'm excited to see my little niece or nephew in a few months. Since, I'm Storm's number one guy...I'm considered an uncle right?"

Everyone laughed and continued to discuss the future of Storm and Jackie and the new addition to the group that was soon going to arrive.

"Hey...when are you two getting married? You've been together long than them two?" Eric innocently asked Nick and Stevvie.

They looked at each other and back at the gang shyly. Nick bit his tongue when Stevvie opened her mouth....
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