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Creating Fate

18 holes

"Adrian Anthony Jameson! That is not appropriate language for a boy your age!" Jennifer yelled, "to your room now!"

Adrian rolled his eyes, through his Xbox controller on the couch and muttered a couple more explicit words about Call Of Duty. I couldn't help but laugh because at home, I was the exact same way. Call Of Duty brought that mentality to anyone. Alex and I decided to go ahead with another round and this time Stevvie decided to join us. We weren't allowed to play video games together because we were way too competitive with each other. She was just as good as I was with most games, and though I'll never admit it to her, better than me at Call Of Duty. She had the biggest potty mouth when she played so censoring herself in front of her little brother was the most entertaining thing.

"Oh my fruit basket, that stupid poophead, dirty sock...." she yelled when she got killed by a head shot. "Gosh darn it.....beepin' dang it."

I snickered a little at her and shook my head. She was honestly trying to hold in her true feelings about the situation. I learned to curve my frustration, so I could keep calm, even though I was losing. I just worked harder.

"Alright kids. That's it. No more games," Jennifer mediated, "We didn't come down here to sit around and stare at the big screen. Let's all be good company."

Stevvie, her family and I all came down from Chicago to visit my parents and Frankie in Texas. It had been awhile since we were all together so it was nice to have my families come together. I knew Todd and Jennifer had a lot to say about my inquiry to marry their daughter to my parents and I wanted to allow them a chance to talk while I was also there. It was interesting to discuss the situation with Stevvie there, but I was hoping for a smooth conversation.

Everyone was enjoying seeing each other while eating a huge breakfast prepared by my mom, Jennifer and Stevvie.

"So....who's up for a game of Golf?" Todd casually asked.

Everyone avoided eye contact and ignored his request mostly because he was too good to play against.No one was as interested in golf as him except me and Stevvie. The only thing was that Stevvie sucked at golf and I was the only person who could beat Todd.

Out of amusement, I agreed to play him once again.

"Of course you're up for a few holes Mr. Jonas," he mused with a smug grin, "...this should be fun...."

Todd and I headed out the the course at noon, dressed in traditional golf garb with a light jacket on to beat the cool March breeze. Todd brought his own golf clubs and I had mine. We drove to the first hole position with one of our golf carts and debated on who was going first.

We decided that Todd would go first, since he was the guest.Todd had one the most expensive sets of golf clubs you could buy, ones the Pros used. I chuckled at him. I'd never met anyone ask competitive at golf until I met Todd, actually he was competitive with me an {i[any{/i] sport. I had to admit, my idol, who turned out to be my girlfriend'd dad, was now one of my best friends and future father in-law. Life just worked out in the weirdest ways. It was great.

After about nine holes, we were pretty much tied in our scores. Todd really had been practicing, it was showing. But, on the tenth hole I shot a birdie, while Todd shot a bougie, putting my score lower than his, making me in the lead.

Todd and I battled over the lead the next three holes until he decided to do something special.

"Nick...why don't we make this game worth something...you know, besides the obvious satisfaction I'm going to receive from beating you," Todd suggested, "let's put some weight behind these last five holes. We'll make a bet...since I'm going to win anyway, you can choose the bet, anything."

I hesitated, and then agreed. Why not? I honestly doubted he was going to win, I always did best during the last part of the game.

"Fine...I can bet anything?" I asked him.

"Anything," Todd stated confidently.

I narrowed my eyes and though hard, I had to make it good so it was worth it. Maybe even a little risky...what did I have to lose anway?

"So...what if I bet you for your blessing? If I win, I get your blessing right here, right now...and if I asked Stevvie to marry me tomorrow, you'd have to be fully supportive of us. If you win...then you can pick out our first born's name."

Todd stopped and looked at me seriously for a second.

"No," he simply stated as he cleaned his driver off.

"Why not?" I asked confidently, "you said anything."

"Yeah Son," he replied, "I meant my new driver...my vintage Les Paul....anything...not my daughter. Try again."

"Oh come on Todd, you said it yourself, you're going to win. What do you have to lose? You get to name our child too."

Todd shook his head. "My daughter Nicholas...my little girl who isn't ready for marriage."

I scoffed. "You know good and well, that's not true. You don't believe that."

"No, I don't. But, I won't take that bet. Look, you can have my old Fender if you win..you know the one I'm talking about...in my office? Yeah, I know you've been eying it ever since you laid eyes on it. It was used by people like Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello and Sir Paul McCartney when I worked in a recording studio back in the 80's...I risked my ass and my family for that thing. It's all yours if you beat me."

"You'd bet the Fender?" I asked, not believing him, "It's worth millions now. you really think you're going to win? Wow, fine...I'll take you up on that...if you win.?"

"...you have to announce at your next concert that I beat you in golf."

I chuckled and shook my head. "That's too easy, but I'll take you up on that bet."

"...it looks like the only way you could beat me is a hole-in-one," Todd stated with a cocky grin, "with the 35mph winds and 45mph wind gusts, that's nearly impossible."

Nick shook his head, trying to focus for the next and last hole. Okay...so beating Todd wasn't that easy anymore.

"I'll admit it Todd...you play a mean game now, you've got me this time, but just wait until next time, I'll get you back," Nick warned.

"Sure," Todd scoffed, "you know, how about I take you up on that little bet you proposed? If you make a Hole-in-one, you have my blessing."

Nick rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Sure, why not."


"How....did you...that's...th-that's impossible!" Todd continued. He was positioned next to the 18th hole, with Nick's golf ball comfortably resting in it. Out of some crazy luck, Nick had done it...he made a hole in one. He won the bet too.

"You're got to be kidding me...Son of Bit-...no...no...that can't be your ball. You couln't have done that. But....you did...meaning you won."

"Todd...you don't have to honor any of the bets...I know that stuff means a lot to you." Nick pointed out. I't s a game...besides...I don't even believe I made that hole-in-one, but I did. Let's just celebrate that."

Todd sighed and wiped he turf off his butt. like a real man he denied Nick's offer and upheld his end of both bets.

"A deal's a deal," he stated with a grin and a firm handshake, "I'll send the guitar your way when i get home and....well, the ball's in your court now son. Play it smartly."

With a firm pat on the back, Todd walked away from Nick to his clubs, leaving nick was his Hole-in-one and his blessing.

Nick shook his head and smiled, in disbelief that the events that took place actually happened.

"Oh and by the way...you've always had my blessing...even if you ignored my request to wait, I would have supported you," Todd decided to let him know.

Nick smirked and shook his head. "You're insane you know that right Todd?"

"Like father like daughter," Todd simply replied with a mischievous grin.
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