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Those Who Don't

Think I'm A Masochist

Sitting on my cushion, I wait quietly for the day to come. I haven't slept in a while. He knows this, I wrote a diary about it two nights ago. Of course He reads it, why wouldn't He? My back is aching with leaning over my body. My feet had gone numb hours ago, but this position is one I chose when we were going over bedding arangements. It was either this or standing, and I didn't want to disappoint Him by falling down.

Shuffling footsteps are by the hallway, I was lucky enough to sleep in His room tonight, but not lucky enough to be graced with His presence. Slowly the door opened, and I could smell a faint calone spray on Him. He didn't speak, He's usually very tired in the morning.

A paper was placed in front of me, and I knew then it was okay to move. Stretching and yawning I grab the paper and see the chores placed in front of me. It was the usual, cook the meals, clean the windows, scrub the toliets, walk the dogs, and get myself presentable by the end of the day.

Simple enough right? Oh but he likes to be a trickster sometimes I swear. I could cook, but it had to be the perfect meal, nothing is to be wrong other wise I have to re make everything. Cleaning the windows means I not only have to use the kind of washer that stings, but he felt to make sure that I was nude while this chore went on. Same with the toliets.

I could dress normally when taking the dogs for a walk since the wind chill was going to be very cold today. Other then that, it was a normal day in my life.

Some people reguard my relationship with Him to that of being taken advantage of, or that I'm a pervert or He's a pervert. I quiver when I think of that, He is nothing less then the man I love. I am so lucky to have found the right Master for me.

Those who don't know me say that we need help, that medication will fill my need to just belong to Him.

I say He might be a drug to me, but it's nothing that a little pill will help. Nothing.
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I was cringing when writing this because the word he is capitalized when the character says it. If it becomes an issue of grammar and that such please let me know in the comments and I will fix it right away. Trust me it will be explained later.