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Those Who Don't

Know I was Nervous

I drift into the kitchen, ready to make breakfast. Two Belgian waffles, chocolate syrup, powder sugar sprinkled on top and a side of whipped cream. Not to forget the Kona coffee He loves. It took me no less then a half hour to make, I'm almost embarrassed at my first attempt last year.

It took me two hours to prepare, I forgot He liked dark chocolate, not milk. I also got Folgers coffee instead and He couldn't drink it. For punishment I had to do the circle, which is keeping my nose in a circle until He says I can be done. I'm not very tall myself so it's his favorite punishment.

I smile fondly as He sifts through my newest journal entry. It always makes me giddy when He reads what I have written. He bought be the journal too, a month after my collaring.
After he leaves for work I look over my old entries thinking of the past.

We met a year and a half ago, I was still working at K-Mart; which was the shittiest job I had ever had. Only being in one relationship before I didn't know what to expect until I met Matt Con. He was a manager at the time and dropped a flier on the bench.

"You look lonely dude, I think all you need is gonna be here tonight." It was all he said, with a little shrug and smile.

The flier was a mint green with a woman in a latex catsuit sprawled before a figure whose hands were placed firmly on her breasts. The words Medusa were above the picture and a dress code was printed at the bottom.

Must be in either latex or leather.
Collars are mandatory for subs.
Clothing optional for slaves.
Cuffs recommend for Doms.
Gay friendly.

My cheeks felt a little warm, what vibe did I give off that suggested I'd be into the freaky stuff? He must've saw how I felt uncomfortable and he rested a hand on my shoulder.

"C'mon dude, it's new kids night. Besides you can't tell me you wouldn't be at least interested?"

I gestured at the rules and then to my red polo shirt and khaki slacks.

"This isn't exactly my tastes, I mean do you just go asking any random person?"

He laughed, clutching his sides. "What you honestly don't think I can spot a sub from a mile away?"

I was curious, since the only sub I knew of was in sandwich form. It didn't take long for him to go into detail. Explaining how he somehow knew what I am.

"You see, you got this control vibe going on, I mean you work a shitty job, live in a shitty place, and deal with motherfuckers all day long. Don't you wanna let someone else call all the shots?"

I could agree with him there, but I still wasn't convinced that this was for me.

"You need to meet Gerard, he's a pretty good guy. Even if you turn out not to be into it you might make better friends then ones you'd find here."

"How bout this, you come in, get to know Gerard and the others. You can't tell me you're pure vanilla."

Now that was a term I knew, because it was used to describe me from my ex-boyfriend. I wasn't really all that unadventurous. I was just always busy actually trying to make my life work out and so what if all I want to do at the end of the day is cuddle and watch re runs of Full House?

"Not really, but what am I supposed to do?" I asked, a girl who was coming into my check out lane asked for cigarettes and saw the flier.

"Dude Medusa's is the shit!" She had one of those squeaky voices normally seen on chew toys.

"You have to meet girl first, then we'll talk." Matt scrawled onto my wrist an address and phone number.

"Come over tonight after work and we can talk. I also want you to meet someone else, and let me tell you he is cute."

I was left at my station with the cigarette chick asking me something about edgeplay and if I was into water sports.

I told her I had to go outside and stock products.

The laundry was my favorite thing to do, mostly because we'd also wash some of His brother's baby clothes for his daughter Elin. She had the tiniest of onesies and booties. Babysitting her was such a joy and even He let me do it sometimes as a reward. I am a homemaker at heart.

Thoughts of the day I entered Matt's home was kind of the day I lost my naivety. Sure I wasn't in the dark about everything but I also wasn't one to dig too deep into the unknown.

Matt's house had been dark, with only one lamp in the corner. And although it was pretty empty space in the front room it looked like he had hired a whole team of maids. Matt pretty much was surprised to see me here. He told me that he thought he scared me off earlier.

I just said it was because of my curiosity and he never brought up the topic again. He beckoned for me to follow him to his bedroom, where in the corner I could see someone in all fours. Their back exposed, I realized how exactly cold it was in this room.

Matt's hand slid down the curve of the person and untied what looked to be a leash from around the nightstand.

"Frank, this is girl, girl this is Frank." Who he called girl was in fact a girl with bright copper hair and a gag in her mouth. Painted red lips were now washing down her chin as Matt undid the gag.

"Hello Frank." Was all she whispered.

"Uh, Hi." I suddenly felt like a spectator at that point.

"What does this have to do with meeting the Gerard guy?" I asked, I personally didn't care too much for what other people did at their own private time.

"Well we met through him and then started seeing each other. And well Frank I don't mean to be rude but you look lonely as hell. So we're taking you out and you can perhaps meet the person of your dreams."

I looked on dumbfounded. "You're kidding right?"

Matt shook his head. "Nope, now c'mon, you're not Medusa material yet so how about Chinese?"

I nodded and he led girl outside his room.

"Are you really going to go out with her like that?" I couldn't stop myself. He laughed and said "What? You want her to look like a school marm? I can pick out her outfit myself you know. You're worse then most wanna be Doms."

I was nervous, but in a good way. I hope this Gerard guy was okay,
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