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Those Who Don't

Think I'm Lying

He came home late tonight. I didn't blame Him though, He gets to decide when I need company. He gets to pick when my duties are done. All the assignments were completed, and I could feel a bit of a chill when going outside into the cool weather. I must be coming down with a illness, but I can't tell Him. Although I should know better then to lie to Him, but what could I be of service of when sick?

Being His slave didn't just mean sex, sure it influences a good part of it. Sure I do enjoy the intimate moments we share. But being a slave is sort of like this, imagine a tree with strong bark and roots that go deep into the Earth. Imagine the live it gives, the happiness it brings. That is Master, while I am the sun to help the tree grow, the water to nourish and provide.

I am the grass that the tree is placed upon. He does not use me, and I do not use Him, we need one another to survive. That means that the chores, the keeping track of groceries we have, making Him feel comfortable. It is all that I want, I want this. Why do others think that I don't? What about us that makes us not "real"?

I once had to deal with life's pressures on my shoulders. I once had to deal with money worries and the future. I once had felt like I was a nothing in this world. Then I met Him, and that was all that mattered, as that does matter. I felt like I was allowed to eat junk food every day and still be able to run 25 miles.

And even in this on coming sickness I still wanted to serve Him the way he deserved to be. He was so kind, gentle too. He made sure I was okay, He kept all the fears away.

My pillow felt small, my back had ached and mucus dripped down my nose, burning my face a bit. I snorted the snot back up and I could feel Him walk into the room. Softly He stepped around my folded body and He took the paper that I had placed on my back and approved my chores.

"You have done everything correct, you may collect your reward." And He went to lift up my head, to give me a treat which usually was a chocolate bar in a dog bone form; only for Him to see my face a little paler, my teeth chattering slightly, and the snot in my nose.

"You are ill Frank, how long have you felt this way?" He had questioned, but I lowered my gaze but answered any way.

"Just a bit under the weather Master, nothing I can't get rid of soon." I cowered, trying to think myself health and look able to please Him. When I am sick, I have to be alone.

He gripped the nape of my neck tight with his fingers. Tilting my head back so the mucus would choke me just a little. "You didn't answer my question." I sputtered and he then let me loose.

"A while sir." I replied, I was soon ready to trade my cushion for a warm bowl of broth, perhaps a small blanket tonight; and some light pajamas.

"You do know that I am not a mind reader, I am responsible for your well being Pet, so you will do as I say and tell me when you are ill. Is that clear?" I nodded vigorously, being called Pet means that He wasn't kidding around. It meant that I messed up, and I were to pay the consequence when I am better.

"Now move, off to the cot. Do you want broth?" He asked me, and I knew then I must look pretty bad. Usually I make the broth for myself when I cook dinner. The cot was a tiny bed in the guest bedroom. It was fashioned with a small mattress and a thick wool blanket.

I remember getting tucked in, grinning at the thought of still being in Master's good graces; but I must have fallen asleep quick because after that I don't remember anything.

"So, you're new to the group then, huh?" When I met Gerard that was the first thing he had said to me. He had long hair that had tinges of red to the roots. He was on his fifth cigarette, and the air seemed to choke me.

"Not really, well Matt said that this would be a good idea." Then again Matt wasn't here. He and girl went off to the bar across the street to the little cafe we were now in.

"Matt is a pretty good judge of character, a great Dom too." The smoke blew in front of my face and I coughed a bit.

"I guess so." I responded, not feeling like I could understand where this was going. Everything felt to rushed. I didn't even know the basics of being a Dom or how to really know if someone is a sub, or if I am what the fuck does that mean?

"So what are you? I'm a Dom myself, seems to be the reason Matt and I clash so much with our personalities." Another drag of his cigarette and his eyes seem to light up a darker green.

"Uh, well I don't exactly know. I mean I really only knew about this for like a day. How could I know?" I asked honestly curious to how someone could just know they were meant to be one or the other.

"Well it's all about experimentation, Matt likes to get other people on edge you see.It's why he was so forward with you. I on the other hand, just met the right person a few years ago who ended up teaching me something I didn't know about myself." He explained, but I still didn't get it.

"I don't know though, I don't even have a boyfriend right now." It was an excuse, but casual sex is one thing. Getting all serious like that was another.

"Well, for a while I used to train subs, if you feel comfortable we could try a scene together. It doesn't even have to be sexual if you're kinda nervous. But I'd like to pick you're brain a bit more. Oh, we'd also have to go over a few codes and regulations." It was so nonchalant, like he offered to do kinky shit like this every day of the week.

I was curious though, and he was handsome, so it wasn't like I wouldn't be attracted to him. This needed some serious thought. But then I heard myself say out loud instead.

"I'll give it a shot."
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