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Those Who Don't

Try It Out On Their Own

The bubble bath had calmed been soothing enough to where i felt protected in its soapy embrace. It couldn't have been more than thirty minutes until He opened the large, wooden door to peak at me soaking in the water. i loved moments like these, moments that show His tender side. He likes to pretend that He has no emotion at times other than lust and anger, but i know Him better. He's always gentle with me when i'm ill.

"Are you feeling any better?" He questioned, His hair was getting longer and it flopped into his face, making me giggle.

I coughed, the giggle hurt my sore throat but I nodded anyway. "Master?" i weakly called out to Him.

"Yes little boy?" He smiled at me lovingly

"I'm feeling better." It was true, i was feeling better. But i knew Him, and i know He won't let me serve until i am able to do it without getting snot all over the house or collapsing on the floor.

"That's good, stay in there a little while longer and soak. I will dry and dress you in exactly one hour." His orders were much softer than His usual bark at me, i must look like a mess.

"Yes Sir." I then sunk my head lower and dreamed on about the first time i ever done anything with Him before.

"How is this supposed to help me?" I asked feeling a bit awkward. I was sitting on my hands, head flung back and eyes blindfolded.

"You'll find out now, won't you?" Gerard called out to me, his voice was monotone. It has been about a month since I met him, and I agreed to try a few things with him that weren't explicitly sexual. I don't think I could do something like that yet.

The room felt cold, a lot less comfy than it had originally felt when I first went to his house. I could smell chicken roasting in the oven and rain from the window he kept open during thunderstorms.

"Now, when I snap my fingers I want you to open your eyes and remove the blind fold and grab this list and read it aloud. Understood?" It was a bit jarring to hear how he suddenly changed from the nice guy who casually spoke about dominating people to the guy who actually dominated. It would be a lie if I said I wasn't a bit turned on. But just a bit.

"I guess so." I called out, somehow I felt like the bad child who was being lectured by a parent.

"Wrong answer." I felt him move from his position in front of me, to one behind me. He gripped my hair tightly and gave it a little tug.

"From this moment on you address Me as Master, got it?" The growl legitimately scared me shitless. I thought about telling him to stop, saying that the game was over and I didn't want to do this anymore. I even thought about breaking down in tears and telling him off.

Instead I held my breath and said "Yes, Master." I didn't dare to move another muscle after that. I don't know how long he forced me to sit like that, my hands going numb under the weight of my ass and the blood rushing to my head and my neck getting stiff. When I finally heard the distinctive snap of his fingers I rushed into sitting up correctly.

I removed the blindfold, my hands felt like they were stinging and covered in pins and needles but I reached for the paper in front of me.

It read out like a list:

"you must address me as Master during this session

you are ordered to do as I (Master) says, but using a safe word [I have chosen "gaga" as the word] will stop all immediate actions and you must give Me a reason as to what is wrong.

your outfit will be determined by Myself, you must wear whatever I pick out for you

Chores and other tasks should be done properly and efficiently

I (Master) initiates any sexual contact between the two of us during our sessions"

When done repeating the list I was told that my first task would be to accompany him to the mall. I thought this would be something easy, I didn't mind going to the mall at all myself. What could he possibly make me do?

I soon found out just how sadistic Gerard Master could be.
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