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Those Who Don't

Get A Little Excited

It wasn't long until He pulled my lifeless body out of the lavish bathtub. i could still feel the gentle massage of the jets on my aching joints as He towel dried me off. i leaned against Him, something that is usually not allowed but i knew He took pity on my pathetic form. The cold that usually iced over in His eyes was pretty much a dull breeze as of now. i knew he wouldn't baby me for long, so i soaked up all the affection i could get.

"Do you think you've been a good boy?" He questioned, quirking an eyebrow at me. i loved it when He kept His hair His natural color, a deep chocolate brown. It suited Him and made Him look like He were a glowing angel.

"i....that's for you to decide Master." Bowing my head made it difficult to breathe, but being sick didn't mean i was above His law.

"Well, I think you've been showing significant signs of improvement. your reward? you may sleep in the cot in My bedroom." His little smirk still sent a shiver down my spine. Of course being sick doesn't mean i am not used for pleasure. Even with a sore throat and high fever i could take a pounding or whatever Master had up His sleeve.

"Yes, Sir. Thank You Sir." As He finished putting on my warm winter pajamas i worked my way into the bedroom where my cot was. This room, while warm, was still making me shiver as i dragged it across the floor. Master's bedroom was always kept at a higher temperature, one night when i was granted permission in bed i found out why; He is the coldest thing i've ever slept next to.

Being in this room made me feel all fuzzy inside and giggly. It is Master's room, His room and not my little pillow in the hall nor the cold guest bedroom. i took out some sheets from the closet and set them up on His bed, then the freshly washed wool blanket was on mine. When Master walked into the room to sleep He smiled at me.

i knew that i must sleep well tonight, Master will be expecting His usual blowjob in the morning.

The mall was jam packed with people and the speed of traffic was determined by how hard you could elbow someone in the chest without them really noticing. Gerard, when first arriving, walked slowly. He gazed around and pointed out things to me, and so far nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I felt a little silly expecting some drawn out torture scene like in the porn Matt told me to watch.

When we got to a clothing store Gerard stopped dead in his tracks. The neon sign read "Kitty's Korner" and I rolled my eyes. To me it sounded like the dumbest strip club name possible, but then again the store was dark besides the lava lamps glowing in the windows.

The store was pretty much full of what appeared to be imitation Hot Topic clothes, lots of dark clothing splashed with neon colors. A loud, angry band played over the speakers and I saw a few giggling girls in the back grabbing shit and running into the dressing room. This place seemed like a haven for teenagers, since it was pretty much full of them. Why Gerard would bring me here I'll never know.

The store got more and more packed as the time passed, I was pressed between Gerard and some heavy lady with four little kids who were grabbing bras and using them as slingshots. I was starting to think that perhaps surviving this store would be a test to my strength so I put on a brave face and kept close to Gerard.

Suddenly I was snapped out of my discomforting thoughts to Gerard waving his hand in front of my face.

"On your knees." He snapped his fingers and I looked around, there were a few people glancing my way but to me that was enough to make the blush rise to my face.

"L-listen Gerard, uh....that's kind of..illegal?" I stuttered, I thought no one could hear me over the blasting music but his face said it all.

"What did you just call me?" He demanded, and there was this dark feeling behind his eyes. He saw me quiver slightly and then he smiled. I didn't like that smile.

"Fine, I was going to buy you something but instead I'll make good use of you." He stormed to the front counter and bought three bag fulls of things. I didn't want to know what he bought, but all I knew is that I was rethinking my decision. In public? Is he crazy enough to try this in fucking public?

He didn't say a word as he handed me the bags, I carried them and I felt a little ashamed that I didn't do as he told me to. Part of me wanted to make it up to him, and another part wanted me to beg we could try something more in private. I thought to use the safe word he had given me, but I didn't want to look like a fucking pussy.

Half-way through the mall we came to a mostly clear area of benches. They were all completely full of people, much to my dismay. I was getting pretty tired myself, and I wanted to go home and sleep off my shame.

Instead Gerard came to a halt, turned around swiftly to face me with this devious grin on his face.

"Get down on all fours." I felt a tremor run through me, wanting to not disappoint him this time but seeing everyone starring...I couldn't help the fear inside.

"I..okay." I set the bags on the floor, close by so they wouldn't get taken. I got on my hands and knees, feeling a bit strange as I felt eyes on me. I saw Gerard's feet take steps towards me and around me to then sit on my back. His weight was a surprise, I almost let him fall but I stood straight and focused on my arms not caving in.

"Now, tell me what my name is." I felt hin shift his weight, making it impossible to get comfortable.

I sighed, feeling defeated. "Master." I whispered.
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