Jimmy's Return

For the second time that night, the door flew open and in walked a tall bearded man with shoulder-length brown hair and vivid blue eyes, closely followed by a group of police detectives. The man hurried over to Synyster and forced him to loosen the grip around Gena’s throat and Gena fell unconscious down to the floor.

“Gena! Is she alive? Is she alive?” Zacky asked the tall man in a panicked voice, as the ropes holding him back were being loosened.

“The paramedics are giving her oxygen right now. Gena’s going to be just fine, Zacky,” the tall man who’d just released him assured, grinning widely. Zacky’s eyes widened as he stared up at the man, finally recognizing him.

“Jimmy?!” he exclaimed in shock. “You’re back!”

“I came back as soon as I heard what happened. I’m so sorry I didn’t hear about it earlier and put a stop to all this,” Jimmy replied slightly dispirited.

“Don’t worry about it, now that you’re here we can set things right again,” Zacky said and hugged his childhood friend hard, ignoring the intense pain staggering through his body. “I’m really happy to see you and all… but what the hell is going on with that beard and long hair? You look like Jesus!” Zacky asked humorously, succeeding in making his friend’s burdened face lighten up again.

“So you don’t like it either, huh?” Jimmy smirked at him.

“Definitely not, what were you thinking?” Zacky laughed in relief, tears filling his eyes as he realized that it was all really going to be alright. “Shave and get a haircut, at once!”

“Yes, mom,” Jimmy grinned viciously at him, watching as his friend was being carried into the ambulance by the paramedics. With a smile on his lips Zacky happily embraced unconsciousness.


“Good morning, love,” Gena’s angelic voice greeted Zacky just after his eyes had flickered open. He was still in a lot of pain, but could easily ignore it enough to give his girlfriend a hug and kiss her soft lips.

Gena helped Zacky sit up in the hospital bed and rearranged the pillows behind him so that he could sit up comfortably. He turned to the left and saw Johnny grinning widely at him from a hospital bed. Zacky’s face radiated utter relief as he returned the smile. “You’re alive,” he established.

Johnny’s grin grew wider and he put on a confident face. “Of course I am!” he said cockily. “No one can kill the exceptionally great Johnny. He’s the man all men wish to be and the excellent lover all women desire.”

“You wish, Johnny-boy! You wish! Zacky is the modern Robin Hood all the girls want, not you. You’re just his side-kick, little John,” came Jimmy’s voice from the door as he’d just appeared.

“Jimmy, you shaved and cut your hair!” Gena exclaimed excitedly as she stood up to greet him with a hug.

“And dyed it black, that’s an important fact you mustn’t forget,” Jimmy added, winking at her. “How’s it going, Zacky?” he then asked, slumping down on the chair between the two hospital beds.

“I’m fine,” Zacky smiled at his friend, whose hair now was half-short, black and tousled.

Jimmy nodded at this, his wide grin weakening slightly as he leaned in to whisper something to Zacky. “I heard about Kendra, and I’m really sorry.”

“It’s hard to deal with the fact she’s gone. But now that you’re back, I think it will get a bit easier for me to process,” Zacky responded, squeezing his friend’s hand. “I love you man.”

“I love you too, brother,” Jimmy said with a genuine smile. “And you too, little John,” he added, blowing a kiss at Johnny, just because he knew it would piss him off.

“As much as I love you Jimmy, I’ll kick your ass if you keep calling me ‘little John’,” Johnny returned, throwing his pillow at Jimmy.


Like every other story, this one must come to an end. The city of Huntington Beach slowly, but surely recovered from the damage Synyster Gates had caused. Zacky and Gena got married, Johnny fell in love with a girl called Lacey and Jimmy moved back to his childhood home from the village in Africa.

You might wonder what happened to Synyster Gates and his men. Well, instead of prison, they were forced to see the damage they’d done with their own eyes, as their new jobs were to help drug addicts. Because they were all well-informet that if they refused to do their jobs, Jimmy of Huntington Beach had no other choice than to put them in prison.

The end.
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