Mirable Dictu

Chapter One

Jeremy was finally free of it all- school, family, obligations. Free to let his mind soar and his heart dictate his actions. Free to let himself become what he wanted.

He wandered down the street, the tips of his toes brushing the pavement, and looked at the ethereal world around him. The buildings had a faint yellow glow, emanating brightly from the walls, and deepening to red, blue, green, around windows. Jeremy peered in a shop window with delicate writing painted on the inside, wondering at the red glow leaking from the glass.

There were three people inside- one, clearly the shopkeeper, looking sad and tired, one with his arms in the air, whom an angry red sheen was attempting to burst from, and a small child in the corner, her hands held over her face, and the yellow light all around pouring into her. As his face comes close to the window, the girl looks up, her ratty blonde hair hanging in limp strands and falling into her face. Jeremy waves at her, and the girl looks surprised to see someone acknowledge her.

She stood up, rolling onto her knees and grabbing the counter above her head to pull herself to her feet. Jeremy moved away from the window as she walked out the door.

"Hello," she said, looking up at him, "I'm Erica, what's your name?"

Jeremy smiles at Erica, reaching out to place his hand on her shoulder. "I'm Jeremy. Where's your family little one?"

Erica smiled at him, a shy thing, ready to flee her face.

"You really don't know," she stated.

"Know what?" Jeremy was frightened now.

"Well, I'm dead. Have been for a while," she said, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. As she let it out, the yellow glow from the store window faded, taking the people inside with it. What was left behind was a blank, pale grey wall with a mottled black door, "And those people that were in there, are just my memories."

"Your... Sorry, your memories?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes. You're not supposed to be able to see them, so..." she said, looking away as she trailed off, "For now, let's go visit the Lady."

Erica took Jeremy by the arm, her small hand wrapping around his elbow as she led him down the pale yellow street.
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Communication to next author.
Jeremy is main character, Erica can be recurring or vanish. Jeremy is male, age is undefined, appearance is undefined.
Prompt for the rest of the story: "Maybe the end was really just the beginning."
Decide what you want to have happened to cause Jeremy to be in this city. He is able to see auras of everything, why? What causes auras? How does Erica make memories? Why? Why can Jeremy see these memories?

Just some things that you can work on addressing.