Mirable Dictu

Chapter Eight

Jeremy sat down on the cold ground; not taking his eyes off of the stars.

He didn't know what to do anymore, he was so confused and frightened at the same time he couldn't think straight. He closed his eyes and pinched his arm, hoping that this was all a dream. He opened up his eyes again; no change in the scene.

Who was he supposed to believe? Lady of Grey and Erica? Or the woman who had spoken to him in that house? Was this really his new reality? What 'side' was he supposed to be on? How was he going to defeat the Shadows? Why exactly does Lady of Grey want him to defeat them? Would he ever find his friend, Erica, again?

He picked up a twig, started whistling, and began to break it apart piece by tiny piece.

Go back

His head whipped around and he dropped the twig, stopped whistling, and held his breath. He didn't hear anything for a few minutes, and picked up the twig again, trying to calm himself.

Go back

This was not like when he thought someone was walking behind and in front of him, when he had heard the cracks. No no, this was much different, the voice seemed to fill his entire head, the entire space he was in.

That was it! The voice sounded different because it was inside his head. But, what did this mean? So, he could see auras, was dead, and now had voices in his head as well?

"Just great, just freaking great. I'm officially crazy now. Are you happy spirits!? I'm crazy now, are you happy!?" He shouted, standing up and throwing the twig on the ground.

Yes, we are now happy

"Who ever is doing that get the hell out of my head, now! Or else!" he threatened, picking up a big, thick stick and looking into the black forest from all around him.

Fool, head our warning: Go back, NOW

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me why!" he said to the voice. He knew his yelling probably wasn't doing anything productive, except for maybe drawing some Shadows near from the noise if they could even hear it, but it comforted him, he didn't like silences that much. Especially if they were eerie silences like this situation would have been.

Go back Jeremy, just go back

"Where?! Why!? Give me some answers!" he said, dropping the stick and falling to his knees, "Please, if you're the God everyone speaks of, why is this happening to me?"

I'll show you Jeremy, in due time, in due time you will find out why, just you see Jeremy, just you see.

And like that, the voice was gone. Jeremy remembered that it had been there, but now there was no trace that he was sharing his head with someone else. Where had it gone? Jeremy got to his feet, and looked around again, picking up the big stick.

He squinted when he saw a faint white light glowing, getting closer every second or so. Could this have been the voice? Or was he actually going to die now?

"Who are you!?" He called to the figure.
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Was this a little long?? I'm sorry..had to fit all of it in there, I look forward to the next chapter!