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One Girl In An All Boys Boarding School

I6 year old Crystal moves to an all boys boarding school as a punishment from her mum. As she enters the school and steps deeper into the hallways she realizes somethings odd and different about the students and teachers.

And no they aren't vampires :P
  1. The Move On
    Today's the day as she heads to the School for the first time
  2. New School
    Registering as a srudent blah blah blah
  3. New Friends
    This is when she meets her roommates
  4. New Friends II
    continuation from the previous one
  5. Powers
    Crystal didn't believe they had powers so they had no choice but to prove it;)
  6. Morning - WAKE UP CALL
    First day of school for Crystal as she get's ready but classes doesn't start soon she's just getting ready
  7. The Tour
    So Preston decided to show Crystal around since all of this was still new to her. Ater the tour she heads to her first class.
  8. Getting To Know The 411
    So Crystal get's to know the dish on some the guy's here maybe it would change her prespecrive towards someone
  9. Getting To Know The 411 Part two
    continuation from the previous chapter
  10. Jonah! and his err..tour!
    it's Jonah's turn showing Crystal around the place and giving her more details about well everything
  11. The Library :P
    Jonah takes Crystal to the library to borrow books so she can understand and learn more about the sutdents, school and teachers.
  12. Summer and Wynter
    As Crystal head back to the dorm she finds out a little secret about the twins
  13. Kaiden and Wynter
    Could it be loe at first sight between the two??? o.O
  14. Getting to know Preston
    well he heading says it all
  15. Getting To Know Crystal - Short Chapter
    So Preston told his part of the story now it's Crystal's turn
  16. What's with the attitude?
    Parker just doesn't know how to treat a girl
  17. Again with the attitude
    Guess Parker really pissed off Crystal
  18. Jonah! and his err..tour! Part 2
    Remember when Jonah said "he will be back" well yeah his back now
  19. Secrets Unfolded
    Maybe this will help them think twice about their teachers
  20. Benjamin Armstrong Bernard
    Flashback of Preston's uncle's past life.
  21. 10 Years later
    10 years later after the incident at the hospital the day of Benjamin's birth
  22. 7 years later
    It's been 7years since Benjamin met Lauren
  23. 140 years later
    this is the finaly biography of Benjamin's past life
  24. Forgive But Don't Forget - Short chapter
    Sooner or later Preston has to learn to forgive but will he?
  25. You've Got So Much Love In You
    chemistry going on between the two
  26. Childish games - Aaron and Kaiden
    will these two ever grow up?
  27. Months Later
    It's been 3 months now that Crystal's been at the boarding school and looks like life's been going great. Well how about the others? hmmm
  28. Wynter
    Life for Wynter is truly being a bitch
  29. Parker + Wynter
    It's one of those complicated relationship were opposite's attract
  30. Back In My Dorm
    Wynter heads back to her dorm finding onyl Aaron and Preston there
  31. Paker's littler Brother
    flashback of his death
  32. Just Leave Me!
    One minute his all sweet, the next is an ass
  33. I'm Sorry
    did he just apologize?
  34. Life's A Bitch!
    Poor Parker!
  35. She left me hearbroken
    Poor Parker..again.
  36. I don't love you anymore
    could this be it? does she still love him?
  37. Girls Day Out
    first time the girls head out the school grounds for some quality time
  38. You're such a Perv!
    new character
  39. First Date
    Preston and Crystal's first date
  40. You Again!
    "What is he? A Stalker?"
  41. Let's play some baseball
    2 weeks later
  42. You're Different You Know Thay?
    Lunch with Parker(:
  43. It's Nice Talking To You Again
    It's been a while since Kaiden and Wynter had a real, descent conversation.
  44. I'm stuck In A Love Triangle..Great!
    can things get any worse?
  45. I'm stuck In A Love Triangle..Great!
    Part II
  46. I'm Stuck In A Love Triangle...Great!
    Part III
  47. So Who You Gonna Choose?
    heart-break, pain, depression, confused, pissed. How would you feel in a situation like this?
  48. What the hell happened?
  49. The ED Room