‹ Prequel: Unknown Love

Planned Love


When Katara awoke, the first thing she noticed was the beautiful, blue flower that had frosted tips. When she picked up the vase it was it, it was freezing to the touch. "Who brought this?" she said to herself in bewilderment.

She walked into camp holding it, still starting at it. "Hey, Katara. What'cha got there?" Aang walked up and asked.

"A water tulip...they only grow in the Spirit Oasis in the North Pole..."

"Ether someone went a long way to get you that flower, or one grew around here." Toph stated, then shoved bread in her mouth.

Aang chuckled, and put his arm around her. "Straight forward, as always."

"Well, I want to know who gave it too me." Katara said while studying the vase. She was tracing a design in it, when she saw a fire nation symbol on the tan vase. "It's fire nation." she said, and then looked at Zuko.

With everyone else looking at him, he said "Why do you asume it's me? If I had given it to you, I would have used a red vase."

Katara sighed, "You're right."


When breakfast was over, Toph grabbed Zuko's arm, and walked him to a place away from the others.

"Okay, what gives? You lied about giving it to Katara." she said bluntly.

Zuko blushed. "I-I forgot you could do that..."

"Spill, Zuko." She crossed her arms.

"Okay, fine, yes. I gave her the flower. I thought it was pretty, and I've only seen them in the Spirit Oasis, so I thought it was special."

Toph just stood there, then smiled mischevious. "You like Katara."

"What?! No!"

"You're lying." she said in a sing-song voice.

"Okay, fine. I was lying." he said, defeated.

"Toph, what's going on?" Aang said, walking up.

"Zuko likes Katara." she said, still smileing.

Aang looked at Zuko, then laughed. "No need to be so ashamed looking, Zuko."

"Well, you guys are making fun of me." Zuko was a little hurt.

"Please, if anyone would give you greif, it would be Sokka. Toph and I understand the feeling." Aang put his arm around her.

Zuko smiled. "Thanks, guys."


That night, Katara walked up to Zuko.

"I looked at the bottom of the vase, it said 'To Zuko, from Mom.' You didn't need to lie." She handed him back the vase.

Zuko blushed, and took it back. "I wanted you to have the flower...and the vase."

Katara shook her head. "I'll keep the flower, but your mother gave you that."

Zuko nodded his head, and put his finger over the little heart on the vase.

Katara turned to leave, but turned back around. "The flower is beautiful." she said while taking it out from her pack, and putting it in her hair.

Zuko grabed her hand when she turned to leave that time, and brought her back to him. "I love you." he whisperd before lightly kissing her on the lips, and lettign her hand go.

Katara looked at him in shock, then kissed him back.

Sokka saw them, and shouted at Zuko, but they both ingored him.