And All Things Will End

I do not own anyone in this story other than Reece.
This is written for this contest. Won third place.
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Entered in this contest.
Entered in this contest.


Building up, inside of me
A place so dark, so cold, I had to set me free
Don't mourn for me, you're not the one to place the blame
As bottles called my name, I won't see you tonight
  1. 001
    "Would it be to much if I said I'd love to buy you drink?"
  2. 002
    "When are you going to open those pretty little legs for him?"
  3. 003
    "*** all of you guys! You wanna be bitches, then *** off. I don't need any of you!"
  4. 004
    "Reecie, looks like Jimmy has a thing for you mom."
  5. 005
    "All I ever see is the back of your ***in' head as you go out the god damn door."
  6. 006
    "He ***in' knew."