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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Ten

Everybody was gathered around Bill and Fleur has they danced in the center of the tent. They were full of smiles as were Molly and Arthur. Everybody seemed to be having a good time. Fred was tapping his foot the rhythm of the music that played. Molly and Arthur stood hand-in-hand watching Bill and Fleur. Ron and Harry sat at a nearby table, chatting until Harry decided to approach an elderly man. Ginny and Hermoine were dancing with each other, enjoying themselves as much as everybody else.

George held onto Penelope’s hand tightly and pulled her onto the dance floor and began to twirl her around. Every now and again George would accidently step on her foot and she’d playfully tap his shoulder. Within minutes Penelope began to feel exhausted and sickly, much like the day before in the kitchen.

Penelope stopped George and stood up on her tip-toes, placing her lips on his ear lobe, “I don’t feel good, dear. May we sit down?”

“Anything to please you,” George smiled sweetly.

Penelope candy red dress glided across the floor as she walked towards and empty table that sat on the very edge of the dance floor. George and Pen sat down gracefully, his hand immediately coming in contact with her petite ones.

“You know I just absolutely adore you, right?” George asked with sincerity sparkling in his eyes.

“I do now, George.” Penelope smiled brightly as she admired George’s way with words.

“I think now is the best time for me to ask you a very serious question.”

“I’m all ears,” Penelope paused for a moment. “I’m sorry. I just subconsciously made fun of your…” She pointed to the hole residing on the right side of George’s head.

“Dear, it’s quite alright. It’s not like ol’ Georgie can’t handle a simple joke.” He gripped onto Penelope’s hand a little bit tighter than before. George was nervous. He never saw himself preparing to ask such a question. Beads of sweat began to roll down his face as he thought about removing the purple velvet clothed box from his pocket. “I think maybe we should make this official.”

“Are you asking me to marry you?” Penelope was in awe of him. She had never expected George to ask such a question and she damn well knew he’d be too nervous to give her the romantic proposal. She took what she could get and smiled at him softly as he removed a small box from the pocket inside of his suit jacket.

“Well… yes. I’m asking you to be mine forever. Will you? Will you be mine forever?” George’s eyes widened and the brim was lined with tears, but before he could Penelope could answer him or even for the ring to be slipped upon her finger, a crack of lightening sounded throughout the back yard. Within seconds dozens of people apparated out of the tent back into the safety of there home. Dozens of others had whipped their wands out in preparation for a fight.

There were deatheaters everywhere and George suddenly became afraid for Penelope and his baby’s life. Penelope didn’t know what to do besides panic. This wasn’t like her, but now she was carrying a child whose life was worth so much. Before she could pull out her wand she was sprung from her spot and landed somewhere outside of the tent onto the muddy ground. Her hands shot straight to her stomach, clutching the small pouch as a sharp pain seared through her body.
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