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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Twelve

Penelope woke up to the sound of pounding rain on the Weasley’s tin roof. She felt the warmth of George’s body next to her own. She heard the light snores of Fred across the room. Everything was in place except she felt as though something was missing.

Penelope ran her small hands over the small bump that was once hard as a rock. Tears began to well up in the rims of her eyes. She could remember everything. The pain. The blood. She knew what had happened. She knew she lost it.

George heard her quiet sobs and held her closer to him, “Dear, everything is going to be okay. I promise.”

Penelope rolled over to face George. She buried her head into his chest and cried; each cry became louder and soon enough Fred was up. He quickly walked over to the small bed and squeezed himself between the wall and Penelope. Fred played with her hair while George ran his fingers up and down her arms.

“I wanted to tell you sooner George. I only told Fred because he was the only one who noticed I was getting sick every morning.” Penelope cried harder into George’s stiff stature.

“Shh… it’s alright. I’m not mad at you. I could never be mad at you.” George kissed the her forehead gently.

Fred was beginning to feel uncomfortable as Penelope and George became closer. He slowly propped himself up and off the bed. “I’ll let you two be. I’ll take the couch for the rest of the night.”

George and Penelope stayed silent as they gazed deeply into one another’s eyes. Not even the closing of the door broke their stares. Penelope green eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Her pale skin glistened. George placed the palm of his hand on her cheek gently, “Let’s get married tomorrow.”

Penelope chuckled quietly, “We can’t get married tomorrow, silly. There is too much to do.”

“Next week then.”

“Georgie…” Penelope trailed off. Sadness still lingered behind her eyes.

“It could be just the family. Mum and Ginny can cook. Fred and father can do the arrangements.”

Somehow excitement suddenly jolted throughout Penelope, “I could invite Alex!”

A confused looked appeared upon George’s face, “Who is Alex?”

“The girl who breed Pygmy Puffs that Fred fancies!”

George just nodded his head and planted a gentle kiss on Pen’s lips, “Then it’s settled. Next week you’ll be Mrs. Weasley.

Penelope smacked George playfully, “Don’t call me that!”

George’s left eyebrow raised slightly, “And why not?”

“Because you make me sound old!”
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