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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Thirteen

“Alex, this dress is hideous!” Penelope whined to her as Mrs. Weasley picked out more dresses as they sat on the couch in the dress shop together.

“Why don’t you just pick your own dresses then, eh?” She asked Pen softly.

Penelope tilted her head towards Alex’s ear to whisper back, “I don’t want to hurt her feelings. She’s done so much for George and I’s wedding.”

“Well you want to look absolutely stunning for George! You need to pick your own dress.”

“Alright, alright.”

Penelope stood up from the red leather couch and made my way over to the rack full of sleeveless dresses. Molly turned towards me with a hurt expression on her face, “I’m not letting you pick your own gowns am I? I’m sorry. Here, I’ll put these back.”

“No! Molly, it’s fine. I’ll still try them on. I just want to show you what kind of styles I like. I really appreciate you helping me out with all of this.”

Molly wrapped her arms about her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, “I’m so glad you are marrying my Georgie.”

Pen returned the kind gesture and wrapped her arms around Molly loosely, “I’m so glad he wants to marry me.” A soft chuckle left Penelope’s lips.

Two hours and ten dresses later the girls had found the one. It was perfect. It hugged every curve the right way. It lifted Penelope’s breasts up just to the right spot creating a bit of cleavage that she was sure George would appreciate. The most important factor: it was strapless.
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Penelope's Wedding Gown

I realize this is really short and not my best, but I felt like I needed a filler or something.
Any ideas for the next chapter? Possibly the wedding...