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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Fourteen

Fred stood outside under the large tent with George. He could tell George was nervous. Hell, Fred was nervous too. In T-minus two hours, George would no longer be a single man. He would be happily married to the love of his life; forever tied down. Fred couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealously. He wanted what George had. He wanted that girl who loved him unconditionally. At this point, Fred didn’t know if he’d ever find that girl. Little did he know, Penelope, the bride-to-be had something up her sleeve.

Penelope stood in front of the floor mirror admiring herself in the wedding gown. She was in awe. She couldn’t believe the day had finally come. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine marrying the man who dyed her hair green and made her nose bleed for hours on end. This was truly a dream come true.

Molly Weasley entered the room, a wide smile painted upon her face, “Are you ready, dear?”

Penelope looked herself up and down in the mirror then turned to Mrs. Weasley, “As ready as I’m ever gonna be.”

Ginny rushed over to my side and asked me to lean down. She placed the white, long, flowing white veil upon my head and smiled sweetly, “You so beautiful, Penny.”

“Thanks, Ginny.” Penelope’s eyes gazed back down at her feet. She was becoming fidgety. “Okay, let’s get the hard part over with. I’m starting to get nervous,” she chuckled softly.

Fred stood in the kitchen waiting for Penelope to come down from the bedroom. He would be walking her down the aisle. He knew this would be difficult for Pen. She didn’t speak much about her deceased father, but Fred knew she wished he was here for this moment.

Penelope came waltzing down the stairs and Fred’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. She looked absolutely stunning. Her long, dark curls framed her face perfectly. Her make-up was flawless. The smoky eye shadow brought out the green of her eyes. The wedding dress hugged every curve just right. Fred couldn’t believe this was the same Penelope he grew up with.

“Pen…” Fred took a deep breath. “George is just going to die.”

Penelope’s bright and beautiful smile lit up the entire room, “You really think so?”

Fred linked his arm with Pen’s, “Darling, I know so.”
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