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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Two

Luckily, Penelope Moonstruck never lost her chance. Of course she wasn’t the first to admit her feelings. She was always too shy. When George admitted his love for her, the world that would lie ahead of her seemed so much easier now.

Penelope remembered it as clear as day; the smell of spring and fresh water that waded in the little pond behind the Burrow. The sun shone down on the pond creating a bright reflection. It was a very hot day and everybody was swimming and enjoying themselves. Pen was laying on a red towel, soaking in the rays of sun. A shadow appeared over her.

“Are you sure you don’t want to get in?” George’s voice was smooth and gentle.

Penny raised her hand up to eyes to vise the sun’s rays, “Yupp.”

George began to sit down on the towel next to me, “Don’t mind if I sit down then, eh?”

Penny rested her head of soft curls onto George’s shoulder, “Of course I don’t mind.”

George slid his hand over top of Penny’s and in return received a smile. He was in awe of her and wanted nothing but to call her his own. The only thing between him and the one he loved was his overwhelming bit of nervousness.

“So…” George rubbed his thumb against Penelope’s. “This may be random, but do you remember that day in our room when I told you I liked you more and more everyday?”

Penelope raised her left eyebrow, “Yeah…”

That’s when George decided to chicken out. “Never mind. It’s nothing,” he shook his head back and forth.

Penelope nudged George’s elbow with her own, “What? What?”

“I’m embarrassed to say it.” His once pale face was now a light shade of pink.

“It’s me. Penelope. I embarrass myself around you all the time.”

“Like this morning when she was moaning your name in her sleep,” Fred interjected as he walked by about to dive into the pond.

“Yeah, like that!” Penelope decided to go along with what Fred had mentioned. She was embarrassed, but she learned it was best if she just played along.

“I don’t know…” George wasn’t sure if he should give in.

Penny slid closer to him and put her lips to his ear, “Please, will you tell me?”

George could feel the heat rise up in his face and his trousers. Her warm breath on his ear was enough to make him pop.

“I-I… Well I fancy you Pen. Quite a lot.” There it was. George had spilled the beans and revealed the secret that he had been hiding for months.

“Uh, that’s great.” Penelope had to pause and compose herself. She could feel her heart beat racing and her breath caught in her throat.

George bowed his head, “I shouldn’t have told you. Now this is going to be awkward.”

“No, no, no!” She said frantically. “I like you too, George.”

“More than a friend?” he blurted out.

“More than a friend…” Pen trailed off.

“Then let me take you on a date. We’ll spend the day in Hogsmeade. I’ll take you to lunch and we’ll go to Zonko’s and buy some things to test out on the first years.”

“I would love to go on a date with you Mr. George Weasley.”

And that is how it all began; the start of Penelope Moonstruck and George Weasley. From this day forward they were inseparable and completely in love.
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