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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Four

George held onto Penelope’s hand tightly as he guided her up the stairs of the owlery. Penelope thought they were going up there to talk about the plan; the plan to escape Hogwarts. George had other things in mind though.

As he opened the door to the owlery, Penelope’s eyes lit up as she saw the blanket and the candles. With a wave of George’s wand, all of the candles were lit, illuminating the room, causing the owls to scurry out of the way.

“What is all of this, George?”

“A kind gesture to show my appreciation for you.” George raised her hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss upon her bare skin. “Here, sit down.”

Penelope sat down on the scarlet and gold striped blanket that was spread out amongst the hardwood floor. It didn’t provide very much cushion, but Pen didn’t mind. She was still in a state of shock. She never expected things to turn around for George and her.

George pulled out two pints of Butterbeer, taking one for himself and handing the other over to Penelope. She smiled softly and took a small swig of the creamy drink. Pen had always enjoyed the smooth sensation that ran down her throat after taking a sip of Butterbeer.

George returned the smile and took a rather large swig of his drink. As he pulled away from the mug, the frothy white substance coated the upper part of his lip, creating a fluffy white mustache. Penelope began to laugh giggle while pointing at George. He knew exactly what had happened and took this as an opportunity to get her panties in a twist.

As he looked at her seductively, licked the white off of his lips, and gave her a quick wink. Penelope’s reaction was exactly what George had hoped for. Her eyes widened as she clutched the beer in her hands tightly.

“Did I do something?” George asked in a husky tone of voice.

A tingly feeling spread throughout Penelope’s body and she was searching hard for the right words to say, “I, uh, no.”

George raised his left eyebrow, “I, uh, no? Now what kind of answer is that, dear?”

George scooted over to where he was sitting next to Penelope. He wrapped his muscular arms around Pen’s waist and nuzzled his head into the nape of her neck, smelling her hair. Lavender. He took in another deep breath, “Why can’t you look at me? Have I gone that ugly?”

Penelope stifled a laugh, “Ugly? Never. Handsome is more like it.”

George placed a soft kiss on her neck, right behind her ear, “I haven’t heard you say such things in weeks. Usually when you compliment me you want to…”

George was rudely interrupted by Penelope’s voice, “Do not continue. That is not what is happening. I do not want to be snogging.” She held her head up high as she refrained from blushing. But never the less, the red crept along her pale cheeks.

“You do! You do want to be snogging with me!” George nearly screamed as he saw Pen’s cheeks blush.

“Shh, the whole entire school doesn’t need to know…” Penelope trailed off.

George took this as the opportunity to grab her face in his hands and bring her lips to his in a passionate and heated kiss. Penelope’s fingers found there way to his tie and began to gracefully undo it and then throw it to the ground. Her wandered down to the button on his blue button-up shirt, undoing them as quickly as possible. She was anxious to feel his hot skin against hers.

“We haven’t done this in awhile, eh?” George asked nervously.

Penelope was mid-way through pulling his shirt out of his trousers when she looked up at him desperately, “Are you nervous?”

“It’s just, we usually don’t get this far and it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten anywhere really.” George rested his large, calloused hands on Penelope’s wide hips. “I just feel like I’m a little rusty, if you know what I mean.”

“Let’s just take it slow then…” Penelope sat in between George’s knees and continued to pull his shirt out of his pants and let it fall off of his shoulders.

Within minutes, their moist, hot tongues were rambunctiously bouncing around in each other’s mouths. Their breaths were fast and anything but steady. The clothes they had once adjourned were now laying in a heap on the hardwood floor next to the blanket.

How would one say this… the rest of the night is what really sealed the deal. George and Penelope were now completely and fully involved in one another. They had proven their love to each other. The rest is just history.
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