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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Five

Months after the Weasley twins and Penelope got themselves expelled from Hogwarts, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes officially opened. The shop itself was extravagant; walls and walls of pranks and jokes. The store left nothing to the imagination. There were Extendable Ears, Headless Hats, Portable Swamps, Skiving Snackboxes, Ton-Tongue Toffee, U-NO-POOs, Puking Pastilles, Love Potions, and Pygmy Puffs. Not to mention the array of muggle jokes and pranks.

Penelope sat behind the register, ear buds in her ears, a copy of the prophet in her hands, and a little rainbow colored Pygmy Puff on her right shoulder.

Pen began to drum against the floor with her heavy, black boots to the beat of Incubus’s, Wish You Were Here. “I dig my toes into the sand. The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across the blue plain.”

“Penelope, get your pretty little voice and butt back here. We need help unpacking these boxes.” George called out to her.

She kept her ear buds into her ear and the little Puff on her shoulder. “I have to watch the register dear,” Penelope sweetly said as she stood at the doorway of the backroom.

“George, it’s obvious our darling Penny just wants to be a lazy arse today,” Fred stated bluntly.

“Thank you, Fred.” Penelope nodded and laughed lightly, then made her way back up to the front desk.

She sat the cute little Pygmy Puff on the counter in front of her. As soon as she did so her Persian cat, Hubert jumped up on the counter scaring the poor little creature. A small squeal escaped its tiny lips and it ran over, jumping into Penelope’s lap.

“Hubert! You naughty kitty!” Pen turned her attention to the Puff, “My poor baby, are you okay?” The Puff shook its head in the cutest way. Its eyes were full of sadness.

“I bet you like that George. She’s talking to her pussy now.” A loud cackle expelled from Fred’s mouth. Penelope just shook her head as she over heard the conversation.

“At least she pays attention to it though. Some women tend to leave theirs unnoticed and unattended.” George replied.

“I wish Angelina paid more attention to hers.”

George threw his hands over his ears, “Okay! Fred! That’s enough! Too much information, you nasty bloke!”

Fred continued to laugh as he unpacked more items from one of the many boxes that filled the back room.

“I need a break. I think I’m going to take Penelope to lunch. Is that okay?”

“Oh, sure. Just change the sign, would you?”

“Sure thing.”

A few minutes later, both Penelope and George had apparated to the Leaky Cauldron for a little lunch. It wasn’t like it used to be. Most of the shops in Diagon Alley had closed down, but for some reason the Leaky Cauldron and Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes survived. Maybe that’s what everybody needed; a drink and a joke.

Penelope and George sat down at one of the many booths. Each of them ordered a pint of pumpkin juice and a bowl of porridge.

“So you know tomorrow is going to be a busy day, right?” George asked. He was always worried that Penelope was out of the loop. She didn’t really put herself in any danger, so when danger made it’s appearance she was usually surprised.

“I really don’t want to talk about it,” Penelope sadly stated.

“I don’t think you understand how dangerous this mission is.”

“As long as you make it back home in one piece I’ll be happy.”

“And if I come home missing a piece? Are you going to leave me all alone?”

Penelope chuckled, “Yes. I can’t love somebody who doesn’t have a nose.”

“You’ll be at The Burrow, with Mum and Ginny, right?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t dream of leaving them alone to just worry about you. Plus, your mother is the only one who can keep me calm with her delicious food.”

“Maybe we should apparate over there tonight. Stay the night. It would make things less frantic tomorrow.” George said as he sipped the porridge from the silver spoon.

Even though Penelope acted like she was a strong person, she wasn’t. She was very weak, especially when it came to Fred and George being in danger. She’d probably sit on Molly’s couch, curled up with Hubert and her little Pigmy, crying. Penelope was scared. This war against Voldemort would cause plenty of damage and take many lives. She prayed nobody close to her was drug down by his power.
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