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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Six

Penelope let her legs carry her as quick and far as possible until she reached Remus and George. George was slumped over as Remus was struggling to carry him inside.

Penny was struggling to hold back her tears, but they just wouldn’t stop falling from her eyes.

Remus laid George down on the olive colored sofa.

“What happened to him?” Penelope asked as Molly hugged her gently.

Remus did a quick glance at her and then immediately brought his eyes back to George, “His ear was cursed off.”

“By a deatheater?”

“Yes, of course, dear.” Remus turned his attention back to George once more, “George, can you hear me?”

A loud moan escaped George’s mouth and at that moment Fred came running through the front door along with Ron, Hermoine, Harry, and Arthur.

Fred crouched down beside the couch, next to George, “How are you feeling Georgie?”

George took a deep breath, “Saint-like.”

Fred’s left eyebrow raised up slightly, “Come again?”

George pointed to his ear, “Saint-like.” He took a short pause, “I’m holey.”

All Fred could do was shake his head and stifle a laugh, “You have the whole world of ear-related humor and you go with ‘I’m holy?’ Pathetic!”

“Reckon I’m still better looking than you,” George managed to spit out.

Penelope was shocked to say the least. She was worried sick about George and all he could do was make jokes.

She couldn’t take the poorly delivered humor and stormed out of the room and into the kitchen that was only ten feet away from the living room. Pen stood with her hands on the counter while she leaned over the sink. She was beginning to feel sick again, something she had become accustomed to over the last three months.

Within seconds she felt the bile rise up in her throat. Penelope had no choice but to let it all out into the sink. Luckily, the substance was slimey, not abstract.

Minutes later she felt a warm hand rubbing her back gently and then she heard the smooth, silvery voice of Fred. “You need to tell him, Pen. You need to tell him before its too late.”

“Don’t say such things.”

“We might not live to see another day. The least you can do is to tell George he’s going to be a father,” Fred whispered softly.

“George is going to be a… excuse me?” Molly’s voice floated through the room in a high pitched squeal.

Great. Now the secret was out.
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