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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Eight

Penelope sat up in Fred and George’s old room, watching George sleep on the tiny, twin sized bed. Peaceful was the only word she could use to describe his appearance. He lay on his side curled into the fetal position. George’s hands were pressed together and under his head.

A loud thud came from the hallway. Penelope leaned back in the chair she had placed by George’s bedside only to see Fred flat on his face at the top of the stairs. A loud laugh escaped Pen’s lips as she fell out of the chair.

“Fred… you… fell… ha! That’s what you get, you right foul git!” More laughter escaped her lips as Fred shot her a death glare. “What? I’m not the one who tripped and fell.”

“You did fall out of your chair though,” Fred rambled on.

“I did it for dramatic effect, you idiot.”

Fred waltzed into the room and over towards George’s bedside, “I’m surprised we didn’t wake him up or anybody else for that matter. You should really get some sleep, Penny.”

“I’d rather sit here until he wakes up. Why are you up anyway?” Penelope raised her left eyebrow curiously.

“I was, uh, in the bathroom.”


“I didn’t say it for a reason. I don’t think my sister-in-law wants to know about my longing for other girls.”

“Other girls? Since when have there been multiple girls in your life. What happened to Angelina?” Penelope had always thought Fred and Angelina would get married and have kids, but he always proved her wrong somehow.

“I didn’t tell you about the new girl I met? Oh, she’s amazing. She breeds pygmy puffs. Her names is…I can’t remember.”

“Are you talking about the lady up the street from Wheezes? If so, her name is Alex. We were talking about breeding my rainbow puff with her yellow one named Stella.”

“So, you like her, right?”

“Since when do you need my approval?”

“Since we’ve been best friends for over ten years.”

“In that case, I think she’s smart and a good catch. If you don’t want to mess around with Angelina anymore, then go for it. I’d support you either way.” Penelope smiled gently.

“Thanks, Pen. So do you think you and Georgie-boy are going to get married anytime soon?” Fred wiggled his eyebrows in a seductive, almost perverted way.

“I don’t know. We haven’t even talked about this thing growing in my stomach yet.”

“Do you really consider it a thing? That’s kind of vulgar.”

Penelope noticed George’s lips curl to the right, that bloody man was awake the whole time.

“George, I know you are awake.” Penelope said sternly.

“I know I’m awake as well.” George opened his eyes slowly, smiling at Penelope as he did so. “Fred can you excuse us for a few minutes.”

Fred nodded his head and exited the room rather quickly being careful not to trip on the stairs once more.

“When were you planning on telling me,” George asked as he stretched out on the bed. He patted the spot next to him and Penelope crawled under the covers next to his nearly, bare body.

“When this war was over. I didn’t want you to worry,” Penelope answered honestly.

“I’m already worried about your well-being. What is one more person going to do?” George chuckled to himself. “Everything will be fine. I’m not going to put you in harms way. That’s for sure.”

“How can you be so sure? You are fighting against Voldemort and his followers. They could kill you with a flick of the wrist. That doesn’t worry you?” Tears began to form in the rim of Penelope’s eyes.

“As long as I have you and your love, nothing can hurt me.” George placed a soft, sweet kiss on Pen’s petite lips.
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