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Gorgeous Nightmare

Chapter Nine

Penelope and Ginny stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror putting on the tiny bit of makeup they would be wearing. Tonight was Bill and Fleur’s wedding. Ginny was far from worried about the wedding. She was more concerned about making Harry notice her.

“I just hope Harry thinks I look stunning,” Ginny rambled on.

“I’m sure he will. He’s always fancied you, why would he stop now?” Penelope asked, trying to prove a point.

“I suppose you have a point there. What could I do to get his attention?”

Penelope couldn’t understand why Ginny was so worried about what Harry thought. She always remembered Ginny to be the independent type that didn’t need anybody, but her family to get her at ease. Now, all of a sudden, she acted like she needed Harry.

“Do something seductive. He’s in the kitchen right now. Maybe you could walk down there with your dress unzipped and ask him to zip you back up. If that doesn’t catch his attention, he’s just a bloody idiot.”

A smile that was almost perverted looking crept upon round face, “You are a genius Pen!”

Before Penelope could speak another word, Ginny had skipped out of the bathroom and ran downstairs into the kitchen. Penelope was curious to see how the whole even would happen so she apparated downstairs as well, but she stood behind the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room.

Ginny stood in the center of the kitchen with her dress unzipped to her mid-back. Her smooth voice echoed throughout the downstairs, “Zip me up, will you?” She pulled her auburn hair around to the side of her neck.

Harry walked over to Ginny in complete silence. Ginny continued speaking, “It seems silly, doesn’t it? A wedding giving everything that is going on.”

“Maybe that’s the best reason to have it, giving everything that is going on,” Harry spoke up for the first time.

Ginny turned around and pressed her lips to Harry’s in the most passionate way, but before she could make her entrance George had jumped down the stairs, making a loud thud, landing right behind her. He had a toothbrush in his hand and toothpaste running down his chin. Penelope giggled slightly at her man looking so foolish. George quickly wiped the toothpaste from his chin.

“What in the world are you doing? Getting your kicks by watching my sister make-out with Harry Potter?” George wiggled his eyebrows up and down.

“No, silly! I was just giving Ginny advice earlier and I wanted to see if she’d go through with it.” Penelope wrapped her hands around George’s waist and buried her head into his bold chest. “I’ve missed you. All morning without my Georgie Poo,” she snuggled a bit more into his chest.

George pushed Penelope away playfully, “No time for romance dear, I have a snogging session to break up!”

George quietly, tip-toed into the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen counter with the toothbrush in the hole where his ear once was. He lifted up a tea cup and slowly took a sip of the tea Molly had brewed earlier that morning.

Ginny and Harry must have heard him take a gulp of the tea because both of them turned towards George. There eyes were wide. They were most definitely embarrassed.

George held the tea cup up to his lips, “Morning...” His voice was deep, almost seductive. Penelope knew what the slimey, old, git was trying to do. She knew once both of them apparated back into his old room, things that shouldn’t be spoke aloud will be done.

Ginny finally gained the courage to exit the room while George gave Harry the ‘don’t you dare touch my sister ever again’ look. Harry went back to the kitchen table while George followed Ginny until he came face to face with Penelope.

“Just leave her alone. You already embarrassed her.”

“I’m her big brother. I don’t want to see her snogging some boy.” George stuck his tongue out and shrugged. “Yuck!”

“First off, you know Harry Potter isn’t just some boy. Second, I’m sure my brother didn’t enjoy you snogging me in front of him, but we did it anyway. You have no room to talk!” Penelope slapped George playfully on the chest.

George grabbed her hand forcefully, “Do you realize how sexy you look when you get angry?”

“Care to escort me upstairs?” George stared at Penelope wide-eyed as he listened to the words she spoke. “Now.” That was all George needed to hear before he grabbed her by the waist and apparated upstairs.
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