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Cold as Ice

Johnny Frost was liked by many people.

But not by me.

If it were up to me at all, I'd have had him packed in a box and sent to Mexico, or Russia, or Iceland - no... not Iceland - Greenland. Johnny Frost could freeze to death, in all its irony, for all I cared.

Perhaps to some, that sounds harsh. Well, in my defense, some hadn't been put through what Johnny put me through, starting from when I was just a little girl. He taunted me, teased me, pushed me, pulled me, pinched me, punched me, spit on me, bit me, and went out of his way just to make sure that whenever I was having a good day, he ruined it. I swore from the second I laid eyes on him, that Johnny Frost's heart was as cold as his blue eyes. I found it all a big, irritating coincidence that his name was Frost.

Sure, I could have tried to avoid him - and believe me, I tried my hardest. But when your worst nightmare is the best friend of your older brother, he's pretty much impossible to escape. And though I didn't think it was possible, he starts to grow on you.

* The pictures aren't mine, but the characters and plot most definitely are.
Steal them, and I might have to send my cynical, sarcastic Johnny after you and your thieving ways.
And you definitely don't want that to happen. ;)