Sequel: His Savior

The New Assistant

The Mission

The Doctor covered his face with his hands, and slid down down the wall of the TARDIS.

"What have I done?" he whispered, choking down a sob. He suddenly stood up. "Oh, why didn't I think of it before?!" he shouted, then moved the zig-zag plotter four times.

He threw the TARDIS, doors open, and took in a big breath. "Yeah, it's 2015."

He ran to her apartment building, and ignored Mrs. Bartone shouting at him as he stomped up the stairs.

The door was partly open, so he just stepped inside. Mirna's mother was sitting on the sofa, watching soap operas.

"Where's Mirna?" he demanded.

"Oh, it's her hot friend." she said.

"Where is she?!" he shouted.

"Oh, some weird outer-space thingies took her away. Said she was bait for someone." She didn't even take her eyes off the screen.

He clinched his hands. "You didn't try to save her?!"

"Whiny little kid never appreciated me."

"She never-? You never appreciated her enough to stop being a slutty drunk! She had the job, she supported you, she didn't even turn you over to the police for hitting her!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, causing her to whip her head around.

"How dare you?!" she said, shocked.

"You're lucky I don't have time for you right now." he stated, then left.


When the doctor got back to the TARDIS, he had a mission: He was going to find, and wipe out, whatever race took her.
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