Sequel: Walk Away I'm Okay

Mocking Bird

I was the misfit growing up, why? because I was the only one in my class without her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger.

How is that possible?

Well lets just say my mother didn't want me, so she didn't even tell her boyfriend, who was my father, hey I'm pregnant don't go on tour yet.

Yeah that didn't happen so I was dumped on my grandparents doorstep and my mom took off, I don't know where never really cared to be honest, perhaps she's in Guam, or Africa, or Mexico, who the hell knows.

My dad, he was out touring god knows where, he didn't hear about it till he got home, my mom up and left, and my grandparents didn't even tell him about me thinking he was just wasting his life being a rockstar and he would never amount to anything. Well he sure put them out, when his band became international rockstars.

So me having my grandparents as parents screwed me over, I have authority issues like majorly bad. I'm addicted to piercings and tattoos. Already and guess what I'm only 17. Fun right? Not really.

Oh by the way, Names JoJo or Jordan Lay Connors, or as it is on my birth certificate Jordan Lyric Haner.

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