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If I Told You I Loved You, How Far Would You Run?

Brendon shares an apartment with his friends Spencer and Jon. Ryan lives alone with his father, but spends all his time at Brendon's. They're best friends, but they both have secrets from each other. They're best friends and they're teeming with sexual tension.

“You know you had me thinking there for a while,” I comment, trying to keep my voice causal as I slide my fingers through his dark bangs.


“I mean, it kinda sounded like you ... had a crush on me,” I tell him lightly, and he bolts up right. I know I’ve totally ruined the moment as he scrambles over to the foot of my bed to sit cross-legged, staring me down.

“You conceited, vain, little ...” his voice trails off. “And what would you do if I did?” he asks suddenly.

Oh. That was not the answer I was expecting, and it’s making me blush like crazy. “No,” I say firmly, unable to look him the eye.

“’No’ what?”

“No, I won’t answer your stupid, hypothetical questions,” I snap, gathering my journal to my chest and turning away. “Go and play your psychotherapy games with Spencer or Jon!”