Right Through Me

right through me

"Are you cheating on me?!" I screamed.

Throwing dishes across the kitchen, aiming at my idiotic brunette headed boyfriend. My grey eyes grew darker as my anger progressed, with blurry vision.

My lips quivered as my heart began to bleed from agony I have suffered. Fernando has always had this knack of ignoring me at times when we go out. Sometimes I feel like he does it just to get me riled up.

"Kitty, your insane. I would never do that to you" Fernando said softly.

He rose his hands in surrender, coming closer to my tense frame. I grinded my teeth, growling at him fully knowing I might be coming up with these accusations by myself.

"It's all in your head" Every word he said, he slowly stepped forward. Even when I clutched another plate in my hand, ready to chuck it right across the room straight at him.

All this anger that I had was built up from not only this relationship but the relationship I had with my father. He always lied to my mother saying he was working late when he was actually sleeping around.

He disregarded my mother's feeling completely and it makes my blood boil when men tend to ignore me.I felt the liquid in my eyes roll down my face like a fountain.

"Please put the plate down" he inched closer to me as I raised the plate as a warning. "No" I said strongly.

"I want you to leave. Now" Fernando calmly stepped closer to me, embracing me. "I know you don't mean what you said but I will leave you. I will always be here for you, all those demons you have to face make you lose your mind sometimes. I know all those accusations you make are just to end this relationship because you think it's too good to be true"

Every word he said, dripped with love and acceptance. His honey brown eyes pierced through my soul and he lightly pecked my lips, smoothing out my hair. Giving me one last smile, he turned walking out the door.

I let out the breath I held in when he was close to me, crying loudly when I turned the door close. Throwing the last plate in frustration, sliding down to the floor silently crying myself to sleep. This emotion of sorrow seems to be the most comforting feeling I could ever have.

It's always has come back to haunt me. So use to being let down, angry, depressed, and regret from my father I always expected my boyfriends to be the same.

Beating every single man in my life by accusing them of things I assumed they would do and every single one has given up on my or just fought with me until they figured out that no matter what they said, I would always think they cheated or disrespected me in some way.

Fernando is the only person who has seen through the wall I built around myself. He didn't have to tear it down or try to kick it off a block to even comprehend what I truly am about.

The only one who made me feel like he saw through all my tantrums and accusations. He was thrown off a bit when I first started to do it and even joined in the fight aggressively.

But now he knows all the threats and accusations that I said were empty and a complete lie. Deep down I realized what he was doing and it scared me that he was able to do it with ease.

Like something is stuck in my throat when his piercing chocolate brown eyes look through my soul. It amazes me how he could do it in such short amount of time, it's like every lie I ever said to him was painted onto my body for him to see clearly.


I groaned in pain as I woke up, the unbearable pain of my back throbbing as shards of glass was embedded into my skin. I guess I didn't realized the pain since I was so angry at the time to notice.

I winced as I got up to see that my hand has been bleeding, red liquid dripping out of my palm. Maybe I passed out of blood loss, I shrugged going to the bathroom putting towels, gauges, tape, rubbing alcohol on the sink.

Taking off my shirt, angling one of the mirrors so I will be able to see my back. I gagged in disgust at how raw and tender my flesh looked. Picking out each shard out of my back I held back a whimper as the deepest piece was taken out.

Knowing I will scream bloody murder, I put a towel in my mouth as I cleaned out the wound on my back. Once I was done bandaging up my back, I started with my hand. I sighed at the time and effort I had to put into this.

Walking out of the bathroom with bloody towels that I threw away, too lazy to wash them since they were white. I changed into a long sleeve green shirt, jeans, and brown boots, I walked out of the house in the crisp cool air.

Shivering from the cold I was walking down the street without a jacket. People giving me strange looks as I passed by with thin material clothing to protect me from the bitter cold. The numb feeling surrounding my body like a blanket of security, sick and tired of carrying around a heavy heart.

Dragging my feet place to place just scanning the area out of sheer boredom. Stopping at a random place smack dab in the middle of Liverpool, standing there contemplating on what I should do with Fernando.

Not knowing what I should do when I see Fernando again, he said I should go to him when I'm ready to talk. My stomach tied knots thinking about seeing Fernando again.

Suddenly something warm consumed me like my own personal sun. Blinking, I saw someone has draped a jacket over my body. The brown jacket sleeves past my arms and the length hit my knees. My stormy grey eyes met familiar brown ones that made me go weak in the knees.

Lifting my hand close to his face "You hurt yourself?" I nodded dumbly not knowing what to say to the Spaniard.

Looking at him puzzled "Nando?"

"Hmmm" He said while still examining my damaged hand. My heart thumped hard in my chest just ready to beat right out of my chest. My feelings for Fernando hasn't changed at all.

"How did you find me?" with a shaky voice waiting for the Spanish man to answer my question. He gave me a smile as his eyes twinkled, tucking a strand of blond hair behind my ear.

"I have my ways" I frowned a bit at his stupid answer, seeing my irritating from his answer. Fernando laugh, shaking his head at my hatred of not giving direct answers. He breathed out, licking moist thin lips " I knew you had too much pride to come looking for me or even call me. So I took the opportunity to look for you myself" he smiled at me.

But knowing what he said was completely true and my heart leaped at him coming to find me. I smile a bit then quickly changing it to a solemn expression. Fernando rolled his eyes "I saw that smile, Kit. Don't try to pretend your not happy that I came after you because I know you are"

Biting back a smile, wrapping my arms around his neck "How do you know me so well, it's irritating".

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around my back, trying to fight back a wince I had when he grazed my back. "Because I love you enough to pay attention"

His lips grazed mine as I tried to seal the kiss as he backed up a bit. I whimpered at his teasing, pulling him closer, kissing him on the mouth.

Fireworks exploded in my head as I felt my feet being lifted off the ground to reach Fernando's height since I'm so small. As we disconnected and he lowered me to the ground, we smiled at each other.

"Let's go home" I nodded, agreeing to his suggestion.

"By the way Kit" I looked up at him in question "I will help you bandage your back properly too"

My eyes bugged out, facing turning red. "W-what are you t-talking about?" I said innocently.

Fernando scoffed "Kit?"

"Yes Nando" he looked down at me, wrapped an arm around my waist. "Don't lie to me"

I sighed in frustration "Fine" I grumbled.

Fernando laughed full heartily, kissing the side of my temple "I love you Kit"
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