Right Through Me

All A Little Broken

Noah’s pov

His light blue eyes watched as the light blond headed woman laughed along the footballer she was sitting across from. The way the lines around her eyes crinkled while her stormy grey eyes sparkled in a light he never knew that could shine the way it has. Seeing that her hair was styled in a wavy fashion was not her, she was the simple girl that always had her hair stick straight day after day but now that she had him. That’s all she would be seen with.

It angered him.

Pissed him off.

What does Fernando Torres have that he doesn’t? It didn’t seem fair that one look and conversation with the man sent the two former love birds in a transaction that was border line friends and boyfriend/girlfriend scenario. He just didn’t get how the brunette Spaniard can sweep this woman off her feet with one single word and now she’s hooked on him like a disease.

Kit used to be like that with him; clinging to him like he was the last thing on Earth. Now she was hanging on to Fernando who by no means has anything to offer her. Fernando wanted something completely different from what Kit wants. He wants marriage and children while she wants the complete opposite, why would they go through with that again? Kit wasn’t going to change for him. Noah was the perfect man for Kit not Fernando.

He made her the woman she was today and he was planning on taking her back. These last few months of them casually hanging out has to stop. At this moment. He couldn’t take it anymore; after the incident with Alan, Kit hasn’t contact him this whole time which worries him. Noah cared about Kit and her well being; he wanted what’s best for her and that was him. He was the only remedy that she needed and the woman was aware of it but just in denial.

Seeing Kit throw her head back as Fernando clutched his stomach as to what the young American girl was saying as she pouted her lips even more; he knew that she was impersonating someone’s voice preferably a man’s voice. The man realized that he never had those moments with Kit; all he had memories of was when she was lying on her back moaning his name or has that lustful gaze in her eyes. Or worst of all was when she told him that she was pregnant.

Noah was enraged that she could let that happen to her; to them. Making their arrangement even more awkward since she wanted nothing to do with the baby. He did find out that the baby was a girl and her name was Mai Valentine Carson who went to a lovely couple named Carrie and Brett. Noah didn’t give a damn about her being given away but after the adoption Kit had to recover from her pregnancy and he made moves on her after the recovery but she grew slightly depressed. Then after a couple of months she moved to England to start college there.

Shaking away the memories he knew what he had to do and that was to make Kit’s life a living hell and that she couldn’t just walk away from something like this. Narrowing his eyes he stepped closer to the couple and the café that they were sitting at. Shoving his hands in his pockets he loudly greeted them making the young blond tense, “Kit? Fernando? What a pleasant surprise to see you here.”

Kit’s pov

I tensed hearing the voice that I never thought I was going to hear again for a very long time. Shocked was going to cover what I feel at the moment but seeing the rage that was in Fernando’s eyes and his jaw locked tightly as he mumbled a greeting to the man. Noah pouted, “Is that the greeting I get for being absent for three months? I’m heartbroken”

“What do you want Noah” I asked sharply; wishing that this wasn’t happening and hoped this was all a dream. When I meant that I never wanted to see him again, I meant it and here he was getting in the way of making the mends of Fernando’s and I relationship. We were working up to being official and here he was being a stubborn son of a bitch messing everything up. Glaring at the blue eyed man he just grinned at me sinisterly as he leaned closer to me, “You know what I want” he whispered.

“I think you should leave” Fernando cut in sharply “We don’t want you around. You caused enough damage already”

Noah’s beady eyes darted to Fernando’s figure as he stood up straight, “Really? So you don’t want to know what Kit has been doing when you broke up with her and you were here banging that Asian chick”

Fear crept into my system as my eyes moved to the Spaniard ahead of me; thinking of the worst possible scenario that could possibly happen is happening at this right moment. Fernando didn’t show any emotion as his dark eyes met Noah’s. “Whatever she did was her business and if she wants to tell me she will in her own time. The door is over there just in case you forgot where it was” pointing to the exit.

I knew that Noah is stubborn and wouldn’t take that as a leave; he stood planted there as he continued on like he didn’t hear Fernando speak. “When you were here in the wonderful city of London, Kit was with me… man the sex that we had was amazing and I have to thank you for that since you broke her heart” I focused at an object outside wanting this all to be over and wanting to avoid the gaze and expressions that Fernando was probably making at the moment.

“She’s an animal when she’s anger and the threesome we had” my head spun towards him in shock as my grey eyes widened, “Oh I forgot to tell you didn’t I?” I gulped as Noah leaned closer to me once again as my heart thumped in my chest wishing that I was buried six feet under. “I lied to you about the threesome. It was pretty amazing even though Alan was a cockblocker in some moments.” He turned to Fernando “She has moves that you wouldn’t imagine”

Tears glossed over my eyes as I heard the monster give me fake sympathy “Is the little whore crying? See Fernando, you shouldn’t get attached to someone like her she’s-”

That’s all he said before I saw Fernando get up from his seat as quick as I thought possible before I saw him throw a punch at Noah. He collapsed as he kept throwing punches at the younger man before Noah finally punched him in the eye making the striker recoil. They both got up before they went at it again as I sat there in shock, “Someone help me” I screamed frantically wanting them to stop fighting as I grabbed Fernando by the end of his shirt. He didn’t let up as his dangerous eyes looked at the man that made me the way I was today.

“Hey there is no rough housing in my café” a middle aged man came out with a bat breaking up the fight as he pointed at each of the men

“He threw the first punch. He should be kicked out not me” Noah tried to defend himself.

“I don’t care who threw the first punch. You and Mr. Torres have to leave at this moment before I call the cops.”

We all complied as I grabbed my purse and held onto Fernando as we walked out into the fresh air. Ignoring Noah’s verbal attack I murmured to Fernando, “Let’s get you cleaned up” he nodded in agreement as he slid into the car as I took the driver’s seat and drove us to his house where it was much quieter and we could have time to ourselves since Li has backed off Fernando for quite some time.

When she found out that Fernando was seeing me again; she visited me herself saying that she was glad that I was back in his life since he needed something good to happen since he has been miserable. It felt good that she told me that but couldn’t help but feel a bit envious that she had a good heart in all of this and didn’t take any of the heartbreak to heart when Fernando didn’t share the same interest as her.

Must be hard to go through something like that.

“Hold still” I scolded when Fernando flinched as I dabbed the cotton filled with alcohol. I was glad that Li made sure he had a first aid kit and made sure everything was fresh since he was a bit sloppy with things like that. He would hardly use it since they had medical attention for the team. Looking at his slightly swollen face, the purple skin decorated his left eye; blood seeped out of his busted lip made me wonder if this was all worth it.

“Why did you have to attack Noah like that? It was unnecessary” cleaning the blood off his face.

“He was talking ill about you Kit. I would never sit idly by as some idiot talks badly about my girlfriend” putting an icepack over his left eye.

My heart fluttered hearing him say those words, “I’m your girlfriend?” I shyly asked as a blush crept on my face just thinking of regaining the title that I craved for. Fernando nodded his head as he smiled brightly holding my hand, “I want you to be my girlfriend. What do you say?”

Smiling brightly, “I love too. Only if I get to be your refrigerator” I teased as his cheeks turned a bright red as he rolled his eyes.

“Deal” pulling me closer to him before he removed his icepack and pulled me in for a kiss. A cheeky smile plastered itself on my lips as the warm feelings returned once again as the butterflies started to flutter around in the pit of my stomach. Stroking his swollen eye softly, “You sure I was worth it?”

“I’ve dealt with worse” sitting between his legs I embraced him in comfort thinking about trying harder this time around. I didn’t want what happened last time to happen this time; I really didn’t. “You know all the things he said were true right?” Fernando tensed at the remark I made as he sighed loudly, “I was afraid it was. That was what I was worried about the most when we broke up; that you would run back to Noah.” Running his hand behind my back “It’s in the past. We were broken up and you could do whatever you want. I don’t hold any of it against you. We all are a little broken”

“You do know that I’m still a bit paranoid right?”

“I’m aware”

“That I might get overdramatic and get a little crazy”

“We all are a little crazy”

“Also that-”

“You’re never going to make this easy are you?”

I chuckled as I snuggled closer to him, “Never”
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