Right Through Me

In the Rain

“Are you serious? You got back with Fernando? Oh, that is so lucky for you to snatch him up. Guess his single streak had to end sometime” Katie said with sadness in her eyes.

I refrained from rolling my eyes, I couldn’t believe that I lived with this broad for so long but desperate times called for desperate measures and she was the only one that would take me in on short notice. “Yep, now if you don’t mind I’m going to take my things and be on my way.” nodding towards my room.

“Let me help you since you have such a small car. I can drive the rest of your things over” she replied back with her dark eyes following every move I made.

Smiling weakly at her, “That’s alright. Fernando let me borrow the truck so I can move all my things in one drive.”

Thinking that I got rid of the brunette, I jumped when I heard her started to help me pack my things. “What are you doing?” raising a brow at her; as much as she was a great friend she didn’t know the meaning of personal space and I was the type of person that needed that most of the time.

“Helping you pack” Katie said slowly, she dropped the blouse she had in her hand “Am I offending you in some way? If I am then I am so sorry. It’s just that its shocking that he took you back after what you have done to him”

I tried so hard to block her out as I continued to pack my things; I knew that if I listen to her words didn’t matter if she wanted to offend me or not I didn’t want to stall the move by punching her lights out. “-crazy to think that you are moving in with him only after getting back together for a few days” she let out in one breath.

My grey eyes moved over to her figure glaring at her, “I have been with Nando four years prior so who gives a rat’s ass if I am moving in with him again.” There goes my patience, flew out of the window so easily.

Katie’s dark eyes glowered at me with slight anger, “But you have been broken up for months and that takes time to build up the relationship you once had. Hell, it will never be the same-”

“What gives you the right to judge me. I am moving in with him so just leave me the fuck alone; I will be out of your hair in a few hours.” Shooing her away, she stood in her place as I zipped up the first suitcase.

“You better get out before I yank all of your hair out in one pull” I threatened.

Not looking back I could feel that she left which I was glad for; Fernando would have been here with me but I told him that I rather not have him here because of Katie. She would have smothered him, we fought for an hour since he didn’t want me traveling or packing alone and didn’t care if Katie smothered him.

I did though, I didn’t want him dealing with a crazy fan and besides the drive wasn’t that bad. It was only an hour drive or so…maybe longer than that but you get my point. Packing the rest of my things in a hurry, I started to load them into the truck on my own as I felt Katie glaring daggers into my back.

Pushing my light blond hair out of my face I breathed out as I dusted my hands off closing the trunk with a tired smile. Two hours and I got it done and ready to move in with Fernando, living in a different city. I mean it was the same city I was staying at with Cesc for so long.

Speaking of Cesc he was a sweetheart and dropped off my things at Fernando before he went to practice today which I was grateful for. It was early for him to do something like that but he said it was on his way to practice; what a liar.

Probably wanted to talk to Fernando before I got there and stole his chance of talking one on one with the fellow Spaniard; walking into the house again I picked the key for Katie’s house and dropped it on the table where she was sitting.

“Have a great life” that sounded a lot more like a break up line, I better get my coffee before I started to sputter other things that I wouldn’t caught dead saying in my lifetime.

Getting into my car, I text Fernando telling him I was on my way home before I drove off. With our fight he made me promise to text him that I was on my way so he knew how much time it should take me to be at the new house.

To be honest, I never even been to his house within those days of being with him. Glancing at the GPS system, I was glad that Fernando punched in the address so I wouldn’t get lost my first day. Smiling, I remembered when he told me that when he tried to drive to his new house the first time he got lost and was wandering around for two hours just to get back.

Fiddling with the radio, I started to bob my head to the music that I grew used to. The rest of the drive I just lost track of time as the GPS monotone voice guides me to the new house. My mouth gaped as I saw the huge house that was in London.

It was so much bigger than the one that Fernando bought at Liverpool and even though I didn’t want or need extravagant things I still couldn’t help but feel glee when it registered that this was my house as well. Bouncing in my seat, I turned off the truck as I zoomed into the house with the key Fernando gave to me the day before.

“Kitty is that you?” I looked up in shock

“This is your house?”

“No” giving him a look “It’s our house”

Biting my lip refraining from a smile that was building up; hugging him in excitement he laughed smoothing his hand down my back “Why don’t we get you settled?”

As Fernando and I walked back and forth taking in all the boxes and suitcases that I had with me into the room that I would be sleeping in. Even though I was moving in with Fernando I wanted my own room so we can slowly go up to sharing a room again.

“You sure that you want your own room? It would be better if you shared a room with me” he commented as I started to unpack all my things in my new room.

Glancing back, “Nando, I rather not share a room with you yet. We just got together a few days ago and me moving in so soon is crazy as it is”

“Moving in with me; sharing a room with me. Isn’t it all the same?” Fernando walked towards me and gripped my hips so I could stop packing “Kit” meeting my eyes with his “We have been together for four wonderful years so what’s wrong with picking up where we left off?”

“It just doesn’t feel right” I muttered avoiding his gaze, his grip on my hips tightened a bit. I knew there was hurt in his eyes and I rather not watch his eyes change from excitement to dull in a matter of seconds.

“Sooner or later we will, okay?” with a small smile I tip toed pecking his lips “How about we got for a swim?” wiggling my eyebrows.

Fernando gave me a tight smile, “It’s raining Kit”

Ignoring the pattering of rain outside I shrugged, “So? I swam in the rain before and there’s not thunder or lightened so we’re all good.” Patting his bum “Go get dressed before I make you”

Fernando pretended to think, “I don’t feel like changing, will you help me?” pouting his lips dramatically as I rolled my eyes with a giggle.

I threatened him that if he didn’t go get dressed that I wouldn’t wear my bikini that Yolanda bought me a few years ago; he ran towards his room in a hurry. Smiling a bit, I went through my boxes to find the swim suit that Yolanda bought me a while back saying that I should have a European swimsuit since we headed back to Spain on vacation.

Finally finding it, I bit my lip in nervousness seeing how skimpy it was. Changing into the two piece I looked down to see that the weight I gained was still there. My hips were wide as always, grabbing a piece of fat that were on my thighs my nose scrunched up in disgust before I grabbed my stomach feeling a bit of flap there.

“You look beautiful” I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt his breath on the back of my neck. “Stop doing that. You’re not fat” snatching my prying hands away from my body; he always knew how to read me.

“You’re thighs are fine, as well as your stomach. In my onion I think you needed to gain a bit of weight to fill out that wonderful body of yours”

I blushed before corrected Fernando, “It’s opinion, Fernando, not onion”

He scratched the back of his head with a sheepish smile before he pulled me up carrying me over his shoulder. I let out a small yelp as I hit the back of Fernando’s back, “Nando put me down!”

Not hearing a sound out of the Spaniard, he whistled as the sounds of rain started to become more prominent as he slid the glass down to the right. The fresh smell of rain hit my nose as the breeze nipped at my skin sending goosebumps all over my skin.

“Nando what are yo-” my sentence was cut off with water surrounding me in a matter of seconds. Pushing myself from the bottom to the top, I shook my hair out of my face as I gasped for air; Fernando was laughing from the edge of the pool soaked from the rain.

"That wasn't funny Fernando" glaring at him before my eyes widened seeing that he was about to jump in the pool "Don't you da-"

I was silence as I tried to shield myself from the huge splash even though it was stupid because I was already wet and it was raining. Brushing the water out of my face I saw Fernando reach the surface pushing his natural brunette hair back.

My gaze softened at his wet figure as we gazed into each other's eyes; my arms went around his neck and in silence we leaned in for a kiss. The rain drizzled into the pool and onto our skin as the freckles that he had on his body were pale compared to when he got here.

As our lips met, it sent a shock throughout my whole body; I sighed into the kiss as all the emotions that I had before came swirling back. All the security and love that I had for him just swooped in on a single kiss.

Leaning back I murmured on his lips, "Don't ever leave me again"

His mocha eyes softened at my comment, "Never again. I promise"
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So sorry for the almost a month hiatus. I was seriously stuck with this story and just focused on my other ones as I got back in the groove of things. comments?