Right Through Me

She's Here?

Walking through the streets of London it was quite weird to be here permanently; Fernando and I still get lost from time to time but when he’s around me and my amazing navigation skills we get even more lost.

Sadly, I was solo this time around as I was meeting up with Cesc who was acting quite weird lately. He was distant, quiet and was staring off into space for minutes at a time. Speaking of the devil, my grey eyes landed on the small footballer that was leaning on a small lamppost.

Instead of shouting his name, I walked up to him since the last time I have done that some of the teens that were around this place ran towards him screaming which made me get thrown around as Cesc was kindly signing things and taking pictures with them. I have learned my lesson.

Tapping him on the shoulder, he turned around with a smile on his bright face “Hola, Kit-Kat. How have you and Nando doing? Great I presume?”

“Yep. We actually are” smiling softly at the memory of us in the pool when it was raining a few days ago. My heart leapt just thinking of that special memory; I couldn’t believe that I have Fernando to myself again. “It took some work but we are going to work things out just fine, I hope”

“Don’t worry Chiquita, even if you are a little on the crazy side Nando can’t stay away from you for too long”

Biting my lip I nudged his ribs as we started to walk along the streets of London; while we were walking I was filling Cesc on what has been happening since I have moved in with Fernando. “So Katie was being a bitch when I told her that I was moving out and she had the nerve to talk down to me; I think she was just jealous that I was reconciling with Nando. What do you thi-”

I paused when I saw Cesc’s eyes with that faraway gaze as his lips were slightly parted, furrowing my brows I snapped my fingers trying to grab his attention “Cesc?” I kept trying to call him and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as I sighed. This was the third time this has happened since we have started walking.

“Cesc” tapping his shoulder making him jump a bit

“Huh? What happened?”

Giving him a look “Something is bothering isn’t it?” there was a silence “Or maybe some girl is on your mind?” taking a stab in the dark, seeing the dark blush that covered his cheeks I grinned cheekily.

“I knew it! There is a girl, who is it? Is it Carla?” bouncing on the tips of my toes in excitement, if it was then I wouldn’t believe my mind if he gotten back together with Carla. It has been a while since I have seen the Spanish woman.

“No! It’s not Carla”

I gasped as I was getting even more excited, “So there’s a new girl? Who is it? Do I know her, please don’t tell me it’s Melanie” I scrunched up my nose at the bar tender that flirts with Cesc every time she gets.

He shook his head as he blushed got a bit darker, “It’s not a girl you know. She’s just so sweet, confident, a great singer, oblivious to what she does to me. She teases me to no end and it’s not that I mind it’s just that it’s scary to have these types of feelings for such a short amount of time”

Blinking I peered up at my best friend as I took him by the shoulders, “It sounds like this girl is really great….even if she does tease you a bit which is funny in my opinion. I don’t think it’s weird for you to fall so fast, I fell for Nando the first day I met him if possible….even if it did take me a while to realize it” tapping my chin

“Are you going to ask her out?”

“I-I don’t know” Cesc mumbled as his dark eyes lowered to the ground “It’s frustrating that I can’t come out and say it. God, she makes me feel like that nerdy teenage boy again”

“Why don’t you show her around town then? Get to know her a little better so you have more confidence in asking her out. Try to feel the vibe she’s giving you and roll with it”

Cesc was thinking about it and thought it wasn’t such a bad idea “You know for a woman who has a hard time accepting things of the romantic nature you’re pretty sentimental sometimes”

My eyebrow twitched “Don’t get used to it, I’m only like this because you have the opportunity to get laid again since you are getting a bit crabby and going off into la la land every chance you get”

“I do not! And I get laid…” he trailed off “I just don’t want to” scratching his cheek

“Uh huh” not convinced by his uncertainty “By the way, what’s the girl that captured my Cescy’s Corazon?”

Cesc grumbled at the nickname as he shoved his hands into his pockets “Kaori”

“Kit? Kit are you home?” with a mouth full of peanut butter I couldn’t response back to him as loud as I would have liked. With a muffled reply he walked to my room as I sat on my bed in my pj’s.

“Wa up?” I asked with the golden substance stuck in my mouth.

Fernando laughed as he lay down beside me snatching one of my apples that was sliced up and dipped it in the peanut butter ignoring my protest. “Don’t do that! You’re getting your cooties in it!”

He raised a brow “But we share cooties every day, what’s the difference now?”

A deep blush crept up in my cheeks as I shook my head letting my light blond hair tumble down my face as I try to focus on the television in front of me. “How was practice?” swinging my feet up in the air in nonchalance.

“It was…interesting” there was something in his voice that spiked my interest as I turned my head in wonder “Oh? How was it interesting? Do tell”

The brunette seems a bit reluctant to tell me and that look he was giving me was telling me that it wasn’t good. “What is it?” I whispered scared of his answer. What was so frightening that he couldn’t tell me?

Licking my lips I waited for his answer as he took a deep breath, “You’re not going to like it…. Noah”

I put my hand up in the air not wanting to hear the rest, “Noah? What does he want this time? Did he tell you some sick story….” I paused before it clicked narrowing my eyes “Did he visit you during practice?”

My boyfriend nodded, “Yes but he wasn’t the only one that was with him”

“Was it one of his skanks? Drug buddies?”

“….No there was a little girl with him and he claimed that she was Mai” my body froze hearing those words coming out of his mouth. What? That can’t be right, what would our daughter be doing here in London?

Fernando saw my conflict expression as he continued, “He said that her foster parents left a will saying that your daughter would go into custody of you if they every pass away”

“What does Noah have to do with any of this?” Fernando began to explain that Noah has been keeping contact with Carrie and Brett and had a close bond with the two of them. The lawyer contacted him since I wasn’t available and wanted to go over details later.

“How…how did it happen?” I croaked out

“They were flying back to New Jersey when they plane had a minor malfunction that resulted in their crash. They didn’t make it, there were only a few survivors”

I couldn’t believe this was happening, all this time Noah had contact with the parents when I cut all ties with them. How did I know that Noah wasn’t lying to me? That the little girl that was with him was mine? Noah wouldn’t want anything to do with her back then so why does he have her now if it really was Mai. Nothing made sense but I was sure as hell was going to have a talk with him one way or another.
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