Right Through Me


“Noah what are you doing here?” I said with venom dripping from my voice, my stormy grey eyes were locked onto his figure as he leaned on the door frame with not a care in the world. His hazy icy blue eyes gazed down at me with no emotion; he stepped closer to me before I stepped back not wanting to touch him in any way.

“Noah” I gave him a warning as I gripped on the door waiting to slam the door in his face.

“Kit, Fernando.” He gave a lazy smile before he started to laugh lightly “I see that you are still with that wannabe”

I pursed my lips as his breath hit me like a wave trying not to gag I breathed out “Are you drunk?” my face scrunched up in reflex.

“Why do you care? You never did” his words were starting to come together in a slur “And you” he pointed at Fernando “She doesn’t care about you. She never did”

I pushed Noah back but he stopped in his tracks as he looked down at me with anger “I think you should go Noah.” I heard my boyfriend say with authority.

“I don’t have to listen to you. I’m not here for you, I’m here for Kit” his eyes went down on me again with his smothering eyes burning for something that I recognized so well from the past. “Remember how we used to be when we were teenagers? Man, we had a blast. Just the two of us doing whatever we wanted and then you had to get pregnant with that thing” he spat.

“Mai is not a thing. She’s our child Noah” I knew it was pointless to defend my daughter when he wasn’t going to remember a single thing the next day and if he did I wanted to make it clear to him that having Mai wasn’t a mistake.

“Then you had to move to Liverpool for college” Noah scoffed “I could have taken care of you all you had to do was ask…but no you left without telling me”

I shook my head as I crossed my arms holding myself tighter avoiding his gaze as I murmured “I couldn’t tell you face to face. It was hard enough as it was to leave Mai and then leaving you was just as hard. In some sick twisted way I did love you but it wasn’t healthy for me to stay”

Noah looked conflicted as his jaw locked before he started to walk inside the house in pent up anger before he spun around and looked at the Spaniard that was letting us have the open conversation face to face without interrupting. “What does she see in you, huh? You’re just a worthless piece of shit to me, some plain guy who has that weird Spanish accent. Was it the fame? Money that caught her attention?”

Noah asked Fernando like I wasn’t even in the room I looked back and forth between the two wondering what my boyfriend was going to say. I didn’t want Noah to lash out for me interrupting their now conversation “If you know her as much as you do you would know that she wouldn’t go after a guy for money or fame”

“News flash buddy. She was all about money when she was a teenager, I mean come on she slept with me numerous of times just because her parents threw tantrums. Never have you thought that maybe she’s with you because of the sex? That everything she put into your relationship was for the benefits and nothing else?” Noah inched closer with his sway movement.

Fernando didn’t move as the man kept stepping closer to him as he answered with confidence “I know within my heart that Kit isn’t that person anymore and when I met her all I saw was the kind hearted teenager that grew into a wonderful woman that needed help changing her ways for the better”

Noah laughed full heartedly as he shook his head “You are so fucking naïve. You believe in that shit? I won’t be surprised if she came crawling back to me after she is done with you in a few years”

I looked at Noah not believing what he was saying to the brunette it didn’t make sense to me that he would attack Fernando. He has done nothing to him to deserve this kind of treatment “Noah, why are you acting like this?”

His attention was averted towards me as his thick lips went in a straight line “You wanna know why?” he kept walking closer to me “The reason why I followed you to Liverpool after all these years? The reason why I always wanted you to be drawn to me? The reason why I wanted you to stick by me and brought Mai to London?”

He was inches away from me for a second I didn’t focus on the horrible stench or his body so close to mine. All I thought about was what was going on with him. Noah fiddled with my light blond hair as he looked into my eyes; I shifted uncomfortably waiting for his answer he leaned in close as I tried to lean away from him.

“Would it shock you if I told you that I have feelings for you?” my eyes went wide as I looked into his cold eyes trying to find that love or feelings that he had for me but I found none there was no emotion in his eyes “Sick isn’t it? Feelings for the one girl that I had for such a long time and then when I finally had you within my grasp you rejected me the third time around” he chuckled to himself “Fucking hilarious”

“You don’t mean that” I whispered “You don’t”

I was trying so hard to not believe in his words when I look into Fernando’s eyes I can see and feel the love radiating off of him but when I look at Noah. Nothing. I don’t feel a thing coming off of him but then again he might show it a little bit differently.

“You don’t believe me? Why did you think I brought Mai over here? To show her around England? You must be out of your mind if you think I would do that.”

I sighed rubbing my eyes roughly before looking at Noah wanting everything out in the open “To be honest I did have feelings for you when we were benefits; who doesn’t develop feelings for someone after doing something so intimate with them. No matter how much I wanted you to tell me that you felt the same way I knew you wouldn’t. In the end, I’m the one that wanted you more. That was back then but now I have the most wonderful man in the world and I’m trying my hardest not taking him for granted this time around”

My heart was pounding the whole time as he stayed silent before his face started to turn red and before I knew it my head was yanked from one side. I was too much of a shock as I saw that Noah was yelling things at me pulling my hair one way but all I could think of was that Noah was hurting me; one of the only people I thought would never hurt me in a million years.

Suddenly, my hair was released and the throbbing pain was on the left side of my head as Fernando started to drag Noah outside and stayed out there for a few minutes. When I heard the police siren I perked up not believing what I was hearing and when I stood up there it was the police car and the policeman putting Noah in the car.

Furrowing my eyebrows, “When did the police get here?” I questioned myself as I inched forward before Fernando beckoned me to come outside. I stopped at my tracks at the entrance seeing that the policeman turned towards me asking me to come forward.

“Are you Kit Neverline?” I nodded stiffly

“Good thing we came just in time. I just ran Noah Porter’s report and I see that this wasn’t his first assault. Where did he hit you?”

“He pulled my hair” I murmured nursing my tender head as Fernando pulled me close

He nodded as he jotted my words down before smiling at Fernando “It was smart of Mr. Torres to call as soon as he arrived. Who knows what a man under the influence is capable of; people are unpredictable as it is level headed. I will keep in contact with you if I need further questions”

He waved before climbing into the car before driving away with Noah in the back and I could feel his eyes on me the whole time he was visible until they turned a corner. I took a deep breath out as I peered up “You called the police? When?”

Fernando smoothed out my blond head as he explained “When Noah was talking to you I had my chance to call the police just before he done any damage to you. I’m sorry that I let you out of my sight; I would’ve gotten to you sooner”

I smiled lightly before wrapping my arms around my loving boyfriend “This is why I choose you over any man. You’re incredible” I murmured into his long sleeve shirt; he chuckled before he tilted my head up and pecked me on the lips.

“Let’s go inside and sleep. We need to start getting for Mai in a few weeks” a smile spread across my lips as I remembered that my daughter would be leaving with us in a few short weeks after the paperwork was finalized.
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Noah is finally out of the picture! I didn't know how to take him out so hope this will do. Wanted to focus on Fernando, Kit, and Mai for the remainder of the chapters with Noah gone. comments?