Right Through Me

So Nice to Meet You

A few months later…

“Stop worrying. My parents will love you” I heard Fernando say to me as we stood around the baggage claim waiting for his parents to arrive. “Easy for you to say; my grandmother loves you” I murmured as my eyes were still focused on the exit of the airplane.

These last few months have been so life changing for me after the whole situation with Mai and getting her comfortable we started the real work. We started filling out paperwork to enroll her into kindergarten since we wanted her to start a little early and get used to England a bit faster.

During the whole ordeal of being so family oriented Fernando told me that when we do Mai’s christening that his parents were going to come to England to meet a new addition to their family Mai but there was another thing that we needed to announce and it was the main reason why I was freaking out so much.

Then Fernando thought it would be great to have the only sane one in my family come join us during this celebration of having Mai in our lives. We flew my grandmother out from Nebraska to get away from my parents which was understandable and only moved away when I left to college. I kept telling my Spanish boyfriend that my grandmother’s love was difficult to get but as soon as she got off the plane she instantly loved the man.

Maybe it was just that special something that Fernando has that makes everyone love him so much. Crossing my arms as I glanced back to see my grandmother Amelia watch over Mai reading her favorite book that she has been carrying around since we have picked her up from the foster home. It was a book about a duck that lost his way and was trying to find his way home.

It was a cute story and made me a little teary eyed when I read it to the small girl I chuckled at the memory remembering when Mai was concerned that I was upset over the book but it wasn’t that at all. It just reminded me so much of what has happened; I have given Mai up and somehow she found her way home.

“Here they come” I jumped when I felt my boyfriend’s breath beside my ear he chuckled as I smacked him glaring at him before he grabbed my hand as we walked towards the older couple. “Nandito! Mi hijo!” his mother cried out as she walked faster than her husband to get to her youngest child.

Embracing him tightly she muttered a few things before stepping back complimenting how handsome he has turned out within the short time they haven’t seen him. Fernando’s blush was more than an indicator that she said something along those lines since she was talking in rapid Spanish and even though I was improving on the language I was still terrible at it.

After Fernando hugged his father he wrapped his arm around my waist “Mama, papa, this is my girlfriend Kit Neverline. Kit this is my mother Flori and my father Jose”

“So nice to meet you both” I waved but Flori grabbed the hand that I was waving with and pulled me in for a hug. It was so strange to have a complete stranger act so kind towards me “It’s great to meet you Kit” her Spanish accent was heavy but I was gracious that she spoke a language I could understand.

“Dios mio, Nando you undersold Kit to us; she’s gorgeous. I bet she turns heads when she strolls around town” I blushed at the compliment as Jose’s dark eyes sparkled seeing the clear embarrassment that I was enduring at the moment.

“Now where is my adorable little granddaughter?” Flori looked behind us seeing if she could spot a four year old in the distance.

“Flori we can’t forget our bags” Jose reminded his wife since she would get too excited about things like this and forget important things like their personal belongings. “I’ll help you get the bags.” Fernando volunteered seeing that his mother was already walking away with me as I pointed her out to the older woman.

Once we reached the small distance I introduced the three to one another and Flori hugged my grandmother before kneeling down at Mai’s height “My, my que linda. She has your eyes” the mother of three peered up at me before focusing on the four year old who shyly was looking at the stranger “What’s your name little one?”

“Mai. What’s your name?” grabbing hold of my grandmother’s leg as she peered one of her eyes towards Flori.

“My name is Flori but to you I’m your grandma” she smiled softly as she started to rummage through her purse claiming that she has a few treats for the little girl. Mai glowed as she saw a few Spanish sweets in Flori’s hand for her to take.

Mai’s grey eyes glanced at each one of the candies “Can I have them all?”

Flori chuckled “Yes you may but only eat one because we are going to eat soon”

I had a feeling that my grandmother wasn’t the only one that is going to spoil our child as I saw that Fernando and Jose coming with the bags. We started to pack the car with the multiple bags that they have as I introduced my grandmother and Mai to Jose before climbing into the car.

“Mommy” Mai had to call out to me a few times before I realized that she was talking to me; it was still weird for her to call me ‘mom’, ‘mommy’, or ‘mama’. I didn’t really consider myself a mother but the more I took care of her the more it was just natural for me to be around her and call her my daughter instead of Mai.

“Yes sweetie” she beckoned me closer as she whispered in my ear “I like grandma and grandpa their nice and so is nana” it was easier for Mai to call my grandmother nana instead of great-grandmother all the time it was a mouthful for me as well so it wasn’t unusual for me to call her nana as well.

As we all started to get situated in the house with two more guests the two older women started to cook a meal as I helped as little as I could since they were so used to cooking for themselves. They said they didn’t want me to work extra since I am already a stay at home mother and taking care of Mai until she went to school.

“So Kitty are you going to go find a job when Mai goes to school?” my grandmother looked at me as she started to season the chicken that she cut into cubes. Flori peered up in wonder probably wondering why I didn’t have a job but then again Fernando already told them a little of the story of what happened to us so it wasn’t so hard to explain.

“I already am thinking about it but I don’t know if I want to go back yet with everything being so hectic right now. I’m still trying to get used to taking care of Mai and the long hours that I worked as a journalist wouldn’t work around with spending time with her. I think I have to find another job that is more flexible”

Flori nodded in understanding “I get you. It’s hard when you have a child and since you don’t have any experience it’s a smart move. Besides you and Nando adopting this little girl I still see that you aren’t going to make it official?” tapping her ring finger.

I bit my lip as I avoided both of women’s eyes as my grandmother added “I’m fine and dandy with you and your boyfriend adopting this child since she is yours but it seems like you are taking all these huge steps except for one that is really important”

“We don’t need a piece of paper to validate what we hav-”

“We aren’t saying that we are mad at you for not getting married it’s just that we assumed that you would since you have been together for years, already living together and have a child. Marriage is just the final piece is what I’m saying” Flori added the cut up chicken to the stew that she was making but it did make sense when Flori said it like that.

“What if we aren’t ready to get married?” sharing my concerns with the two wisest women that I have known even though I just met Flori I feel like I can pour out my doubts without seeming insane. All she did was smile as she reassured me that so many couples think they aren’t ready when all they needed to do was listen to what their heart was saying.

“What is your heart telling you Kit? Only you know when you are ready to take that step” that was most of our conversation as they finished cooking as I started to set up the table for everyone to eat. As we all gathered together at the dinner table I saw that Fernando had a thoughtful look on his face as he sat down next to me.

“Everything okay?” squeezing his hand gently.

He nodded before we prayed before eating our food enjoying the delicious meal that the women cooked for us. During rest of dinner and putting Mai to bed the adults started to talk about the schedule of Mai’s christening which was in two days. It gave us enough time for Fernando, Mai, and I to meet Kaori; also having Li as Mai’s godmother still bothered me a little bit but I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it.

I wasn’t going to die anytime soon not if my life depended on it. Even if I did she would automatically go to Cesc first, the bitch wouldn’t raise her for the life of me I will make sure of it. The following day, I called Cesc making plans on where to meet. It made sense that we just went over to his house since it was less crowded and my grandmother can spend some time with Fernando’s parents since they didn’t have any time for themselves.

As we parked outside of Cesc’s house I smiled seeing that Cesc was already waiting out for us with the same girl that I have seen from his room all those months ago. She was still beautiful as ever as if it could happen I think she is more of a looker now. Taking my eyes off the woman I got out of the car as Fernando unbuckled Mai grabbing her hand to help her out of the car.

All three of us walked over to the porch as I greeted them “Hey Cesc” hugging the Spaniard before Fernando greeted his fellow footballer before we focused our attention on the woman in front of us. “Are you going to introduce us Cesc?” I raised a brow at him.

The man shyly smiled as he pulled the girl closer to him “Fernando, Kit this is my girlfriend Kaori.”

“So nice to finally meet you” I shook her hand “I see that you went blond nice choice”

She smirked “I was getting tired of my hair but don’t let it fool you I’m still a brunette at heart” moving part of her hair to reveal that parts of her hair was still the soft brown that I have seen her with. “I also heard a lot about you. Cesc talks about you nonstop” I added making Cesc blush deeply as his girlfriend glanced at him with a grin.

“Oh really? Thought you didn’t talk about me Cescy?” pinching his side which made him squirm out of her grip.

I laughed at the couple already liking this woman better than his previous girlfriend “Before we all get carried away Kaori, Cesc I will like you to meet our daughter Mai” I felt the little girl hide behind my leg the routine of her shy nature as Cesc went down to her level looking at her with adoration.

“This is my goddaughter…she’s gorgeous Kit” my eyes softened as I heard Cesc talking to my four year old as my eyes caught the sight of Kaori joining Cesc as her eyes started to move I remembered when Cesc told me that she was partially blind.

“She’s so cute” Kaori beamed as she turned to Cesc “Let’s have a baby”

Cesc gazed at her in shock “Don’t you think it’s a bit early for that?” Kaori looked indifferently as she replied back “We have been together for eight months we’re serious enough”

“I think it’s a bit too soon. You still haven’t met my parents yet”

“I’ll meet them soon enough. You guys are going to Spain next month aren’t you?” we nodded before paying attention to the couple. I didn’t know if Kaori was messing with Cesc or not and since I don’t know her at all I couldn’t tell but Cesc looked a bit spooked.

“We’ll talk about this lat-” he paused when he saw his girlfriend with shaky shoulders furrowing his brows he wondered what was so funny until it dawned on him “You were kidding weren’t you?”

“Of course I was. I don’t want a baby this soon I’m not that crazy” the Haitian woman chuckled “It’s just too entertaining not to play around with you since you are so gullible” Cesc grumbled as she pecked his cheek before standing up “Why don’t we all go inside and talk?”

Liking the idea I grabbed Mai’s hand as we all walked inside as Kaori linked arms with Cesc still teasing him about his little freak out. I leaned in towards Fernando as I whispered “I like her already” my boyfriend nodded with a smile on his face “Me too”
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