Right Through Me

We're Ready

We walked into the church I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down from seeing Li several feet away from me. It bothered me a little bit that she was going to be the godmother of our child but I compromised with Fernando and I was going to stick to it.

He must have sensed the tension that was around Li and I when we gave each other quick glances before turning having a short conversation with Cesc and Kaori who decided to come along. I was grateful that she did since the last few weeks she has become a really great friend to me.

“Just ignore her. You don’t want to make a scene at your daughter’s christening do you?” she was right, taking a deep breath I turned my back not facing her to keep myself from saying anything I would regret later.

“Thanks for coming you guys. I appreciate it” I mumbled.

Cesc chuckled “I wouldn’t miss my goddaughter’s christening for anything in the world”

I smiled lightly as we waited for the minister to come towards us, when I saw the familiar man that we spoke with months prior of this. He came up to Fernando and me with a welcoming smile “Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Torres. Where’s your lovely daughter Mai?” his dark eyes looked around to see where the four year old was.

I was going to correct him about the whole Mrs. Torres thing but I knew that it was him pushing me to marry Fernando. When he found out that Fernando and I have been together for years he wanted to know when we were going to get married.

“Here she is” I tapped her small shoulder making her grey eyes look up at me in question.

I pushed her forward a bit for the minister to look at her; he kneeled down in front of her “Ready to go for a little swim?”

Mai bit her lip as her bangs covered part of her eyes “It’s too cold to be swimming though”

He laughed “It will only be for a second and it’s indoors so you won’t get sick” sticking his hand out for her to take she looked back at us for reassurance. We both nodded telling her to go as he started to walk with her toward the small pool that they had in the church. It was behind the small stage that had a huge opening for the whole congregation can see if they were here at the moment.

Seeing Paul and Mai walk through the back before appearing next to the small pool of water he helped her take off her shoes before stepping into the water with her. She gripped him tight as Paul promised that he wouldn’t let her go muttered comforting words to her.

Fernando’s parents, my grandmother, Li, Kaori, and Cesc all stood with us in front of the pool watching this all happen. I didn’t really hear the words when I saw the minister say a few words as Mai was in the pool with him. Her eyes were wide with curiosity wondering why she was swimming when it was so cold even when I explained to her why she was going to be dipped into the water she didn’t fully grasp the idea.

When the minister dunked our daughter into the water her curly hair matted down to her head and face when she came up for air. Wiping the excess liquid off her face the minister smiled officially ending the ceremony her grey eyes peaked out of her dark hair “Does Jesus love me now?”

I couldn’t help but laugh as well as the others as Paul gladly answered “He loved you from the very beginning”

Mai furrowed her eyebrows “Then why did I have to be wet if he loved me already? Doesn’t make sense to get wet for no reason” she muttered as she was wrapped in a towel before ushering her out to get her changed into her regular clothes.

As I helped her change Kaori was with me asking if I was alright “I’m fine”

“You sure? You look a little pale”

I smiled reassuringly as I patted Mai’s bottom telling her she can go as she scurried off I sighed “It’s nothing to worry about. Just been a bit tired lately that’s all”

Kaori nodded as she walked up to me “If you need anything just tell me and I will go get it for you” she was beyond a sweetheart as we linked arms so she wouldn’t run into anything we walked down the hall “I’m happy that your with Cesc; you look like the perfect couple”

The Haitian chuckled as she shook her head “We aren’t the perfect couple Kit. You and Nando are” I asked her what she meant and she started to explain “You have been with each other through thick and thin sure you broke up but didn’t that just make your love even stronger? More sure about yourself that he is the one for you? When you go through something like that it makes you realize if you made the right decision or the wrong one”

It made sense I thought to myself I squeezed her arm softly as we walked out of the church with everyone else. “So when are we going to see a ring on that finger Kitten?” I blushed at the nickname my grandmother had for me having most of the family look at me.

“Kitten?” Cesc and Fernando smirked seeing how embarrassed I was.

“Quiet” I muttered before I looked towards my grandmother “You need to ask this one when he is going to pop the question” nodding towards Fernando to get the heat off of me. I wasn’t going to start with that topic already it has been weeks since our family has been over and they have been pestering us every day about marriage.

They wanted it so badly Flori and my grandmother have been posting pictures of engagement rings all around the house along with pictures of babies. I guess they wanted us to have a baby of our own? I bit my lip at the two suggestions that they wanted us to take; it was a bit too early for that isn’t it?

My eyes wandered to see Fernando tongue tied about when he is going to ask me to marry him and just answered that he didn’t know. Which made his mother scold at him for not knowing when he is going to propose to me? I chuckled when I heard my grandmother tell him to grow some balls and ask me already.

“She won’t reject you just ask you lazy lima bean!” I heard my grandmother add.

“Your grandmother is a lively character” Kaori murmured to me as I agreed with her as we walked down to our cars. I saw that Li was going to leave all on her own but Fernando raced towards her thanking her for coming and accepting the role of being Mai’s godmother.

She smiled lightly as those dark eyes sparkled as he spoke with her, I didn’t hear what she said since her voice is so soft and gentle but when she got something from her car and walked towards me I kept my guard up. I tensed when she finally reached me with a soft smile “This is for Mai”

I forced a smile as I took the package from her “…Thanks” those words were so hard to say to her when I wanted to beat her to the ground for eyeing my boyfriend. As she walked away I couldn’t help but think that maybe marrying Fernando wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

“Is that present for me?!” Mai raced towards me with beaming eyes when I nodded. She tried to grab it from my grasp but it was a little large for her to carry by herself.

“Why don’t we wait until we get home to open it so the rain won’t ruin whatever Li got you for” I suggested, Mai nibbled on her lip to think about my idea before she caved and jumped in the car waiting for us to climb in.

That happened two weeks ago, I sighed as my heart started to drum in my chest loudly. Sitting on the bathroom tub was getting more nerve-wracking thinking about all the possibilities that can happen in the near future. Li had gotten Mai a little dollhouse and it looked pretty expensive from what I could tell and now my grandmother and Fernando parents also went back home.

I promised my grandmother that I would start visiting her and told Fernando’s parents that I couldn’t wait to see them in the summer. So many things have happened during my stay here and yet I knew that it was just the beginning of something new.

From moving to England and finding Fernando on my first week here to him breaking up with me four years later to me dealing with my demons to finally finding my daughter and now have Fernando back in my life. Everything was just getting better, taking a deep breath when I looked down at my watch I picked the stick up staring in shock at the item.

As I cleaned up I walked into the room that Fernando and I now share my eyes went towards him as I saw him watching some sports channel. I climbed into bed with him hugging him immediately I felt him stroking my back gently “What’s up?” he muttered.

“How would you feel if we had a baby?”

The soft strokes ceased as there was a slight pause before he spoke “You mean?”

“Yeah…I am” shock was written in my voice as I couldn’t believe it myself. My sickness and fatigue all made sense to me now and all the excitement that was building up inside of me grew overwhelming when Fernando embraced me tightly pressing butterfly kisses across my face.

“We’re having a baby?”

“We’re having a baby”

We laid there for what seemed like hours overjoyed with the news that I just discovered. Now all we had to do was tell everyone else the wonderful news.
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