Right Through Me


After playing long hours with Pepe on FIFA, I went home to go to bed since I was a exhausted from all the yelling and screaming that I did when playing the video game. I always knew that Pepe would be the type to yell during a game.

Going into my room as I fetched my pajamas I looked around finding the silence a bit unbearable since I was so use to having Fernando around me so much. It felt empty and lonely, walking to Fernando’s side of the bed.

I saw the picture of us that was pretty recent, all smiles once again during the win of the World Cup in the summer. He was glowing even though he was a bit devastated that he got hurt in the final and on top of that didn’t play well during the World Cup.

He withdrew from me a bit, that’s when I started to notice that he was bugging me about marriage and kids. He opened up to me that he feels so incomplete, that he would feel so much better to have me as his wife.

Not having anything go his way for once, all his dreams were shattered on the pitch. He wanted to be the one to score the winning goal during the final, he wanted us to already be married and have our child on the way or even a second one.

He wanted so many things and yet nothing went exactly how he planned, guilt began to trap me in this tiny bubble. Feeling so suffocated, my lungs tightened, air supply running low as I tried to breath to calm myself a bit.

Tears once again started to flow down my cheeks, I hated being so emotional these days but I couldn’t help it. I wanted Fernando and I to be happy but all we have been doing is fighting and arguing about the same thing.

Sometimes I just want to end this damn relationship because it feels so strained but once I see that freckled face I know I could never leave him. He’s the one I want in this life, my perfect and outstanding boyfriend that I could only imagine.

With those thoughts I drifted off into sleep thinking about what I was going to do the next morning, still feeling the pulsing pain that my heart was put through ever since Fernando walked out that door.

Walking through the city of Liverpool, the city that I moved to when I was 17 years old. Fresh out of high school and got admitted to Liverpool University, getting my journalism degree and obtaining a job was out of this world.

I never knew in my wildest dreams that once I moved from the United States to here that I would meet the love of my life. I just thought it would be great to get a new experience and stay here until I graduated and then moved back to my country.

That all changed when I saw a confused looking man walking around, looking a bit frightened. I knew right from the start that he was foreign, I had the same look when I moved out here so I decided to help him out a bit.

Walking towards the man that was scanning around the area, I said “Hello. Are you lost?” he jumped at my voice, turning around with those wide eyes. His honey brown eyes held confusion as he looked at me like I grew two heads.

He didn’t respond to my question so I asked again, but he uttered something in Spanish that I really didn’t understand. I was a bit stuck since my Spanish was so limited and felt bad that I couldn’t help this man with whatever he was looking for.

I tried as best as I can to communicate with him but we were both were at a certain loss with this. Looking like complete idiots and I mentally smacked myself for taking French and not Spanish, he’s English was also limited so we barely could understand what the other one was saying.

But since we didn’t want to leave one another, we tried to communicate as much as possible as I signaled him that I could show him around town. He nodded cautiously as we walked around town as I fumbled with my Spanish to try to communicate to him.

He did chuckle at my poor Spanish skills but looked grateful nonetheless that I was trying my best to talk to him. Suddenly he started to speak in rapid Spanish when he glanced at his watch, trying to calm him down so I can get a bit of what he was saying.

He pulled out a piece of paper that had sloppy handwriting, pointing at the paper. I understood that he was suppose to go to that place to meet someone I believe. I was floored when I saw the place that was scribbled down.

I threw my hands in the air in anger as I realized that the place he had to go was right in front of us when we first met, I told him in my weak and poor of excuse Spanish that we have to go back to where we met.

He found it as we walked back to the place were I found him, stepping into the restaurant someone called out his name. He turned his blond head around to see someone he knew as he grabbed my hand dragging me with him.

Being here in Liverpool for so little time, I still was able to recognize the goalkeeper Pepe Reina and Xabi Alonso. My dorm roommates would not shut up about them and have posters plastered on their wall. They all talked to one another in Spanish as I awkwardly stood there, waiting for them to finish.

Xabi looked at me with kind eyes, “Thank you for helping our friend out. That was very kind of you.” His Spanish accent was evident when he spoke, I blushed a bit “It was no trouble at all, really.” Pepe had to snicker at that as he leaned forward to get a closer look at me.

“Really, because Fernando just told us that you both had a hard time communicating since you didn’t know a lot of Spanish. Takes guts to talk to someone who doesn’t know the same language as you, you truly are special. Unless you have the hots for our striker here.” He teased.

Knowing that now I was beet red as I nodded in confirmation about the whole communicating dilemma we both had. Then Xabi decided to speak up again, “Do we get to know the name of the girl who helped our friend in need?”

That shocked me to the core once again as I smacked my forehead for my stupid behavior. Out of all the things I forget to do was introduce myself to not only Pepe and Xabi but the blond haired Spaniard that was right beside me.

Turning a bit, extending my hand “I’m Kit Neverline.” He looked at me perplexed but shook my hand nonetheless as Pepe explained to him that I just introduce myself. His cheeks turned a rosy red and introduced himself, “Hola, soy Fernando Torres.”

With that introduction done, they asked me to join them for lunch and from then on the rest was history. Feeling a bit closer to Fernando at that time, I felt something for him even before he could fully able to communicate with me. I knew I was falling in love with him right then and there.

Now in the book store where I was smiling at the memory of when I first met Fernando, it still sent chills down my spine. Made my heart melt completely into mush when I remembered how awkward it was to talk to him.

He forced me out of my comfort zone and into something I wasn’t fully comfortable in. “Kit?” that one voice, sent my heart rate to over drive. My stomach twisted into knots as I looked in horror at the sight right in front of me.

My lips quivered as I saw the brunette with striking blue eyes staring right at me, “Noah?” I questioned. He sent me a smile that blew me into oblivion as he nodded and raced towards me, embracing me. My body became weak as he inhaled my flowery scent.

“I missed you Kitty.” He murmured, I continued to stay quiet as he continued on “I have been calling you and you keep hanging up on me. What’s that about? I thought you would be happy to see me?” he pushed himself back to see into my gray eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I hissed. The anger that was built up inside of me was now started to slowly unravel itself as he smirked at me. His large hands were still on my shoulders as he tilt his head “I am offended that you would ask such a question. After you moved, I thought it would be great to finally see you again after four years. I have really missed what we did together.”

He stroked my cheek, as I smacked his hand away feeling disgusted at his touch. I pushed him back a bit “I don’t miss any of what we did, it was a huge mistake. I moved on and made my life better than before, why don’t you go do the same?”

He shook his head as he crossed his arms, “So it is true then? All those pictures that I see you with that fuckin’ Spaniard. What’s his name, Rico Suave?” he joked. I knew he was trying to get under my skin like he has successfully done after all those years.

I glared at him, “No that’s not his name. How did you get my number?” changing the subject because I didn’t want him to know Fernando’s name. That was impossible since he already knows what he looks like and Fernando is a celebrity around here and I’m pretty sure he already knows his name.

He flicked my nose, the pain going from the tip to the center as I rubbed it to try to soothe the pain. He grinned at me “I have my ways.” He leaned closer to me, his lips on the bridge of my ear, his hot breath sending me goose bumps.

“I hope I meet this Fernando Torres some day, I would just love to chat with him about all the fun times we had together.” My gray eyes turned darker than ever as I looked at him with pure rage, “You wouldn’t dare.” I said lowly.

He shrugged “It’s not my fault you haven’t told him yet, I wonder what this is going to do for your relationship. I know your not married and it’s funny to say that it’s sad that you have been together for so long yet your not married or have any kids. Your like me Kit, you don’t want to have responsibility of someone else, getting married is commitment and having a child is also commitment. We don’t want to be tied down, we belong together. You and I. Just like the old days.” He responded.

With that he left as he waved me off saying he was going to see me again, before he opened the door he turned around, “Oh and Kit?” I turned towards him “you better answer the phone next time. I won’t be too happy if you keep ignoring me.”

That sent chills down my spine, releasing the breath that I was holding, my body trembled in fright on what was going to happen now that Noah is back in my life. No matter how much I try to ignore him or shake him off, he’s always there clinging onto my back just waiting to destroy whatever I have built with Fernando.

For once in my life, I am truly terrified about what’s going to happen to me, to Fernando and most importantly. Us.
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