Sequel: I Want It All

Kiss My Ass

Carlyle King
Erika Walsh
Alex Gaskarth

“You’re pathetic,” Alex spat.

Lyle could handle many things; that wasn’t one of them. “Me? I’m the pathetic one?” she asked.

Alex nodded. “I didn’t stutter, did I?”

“You know what, Alex? For some guy who prides himself on being so much better than everyone around him, you’re just like fucking everyone else,” Lyle said.

Alex scoffed. “Really, now?”

“You’re just like everyone else at our school. You believe everything you hear and give no one a chance to explain. You’re just letting them suck you into a world of lies. And the worst part is that you deny that it’s actually happening,” she told him. “You deny that it’s happening because you’re so concerned with keeping up your reputation as resident bad ass and womanizer. Yet you judge everyone else who lives a life even remotely close to yours. And that is why you are the pathetic one, Alex Gaskarth,” she snapped, turning around and walking back up the stairs.

And that moment could easily be pinpointed as the end of their friendship.