Dear God

Fallen Angels

"We scream! We Shout! We are the fallen angels!" I sreamed or rather slurred my words as I sung along to Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides, dancing on the beach with my mug of Disaronno and Dr. Pepper.

Yeah after we had got back from the marina around three in the afternoon, I had desided it was a drinking day, No one else seemed to aruge with that thought of mine thought. Zacky and I had a shot race contest. 20 shots of random drinks each. Then I countined the shot races with everyone else. Needless to say, I'm shitfaces... I think. I was still able to stand, unlike Johnny boy, Amelie, Kathy, and Shanelle. Silly light weights he-he. God, it felt so good to finally let loose and be able to drink myself into ablivan without getting into much trouble. It was nearing 11 and Cat was trying to get me to go inside the houseboat, due to it being quiet hour for the old fokes on the beach. Stupid old fokes ruining my fun.

"Chrisander! Get your drunk butt into this boat right now! Please before Jd comes and yells at you." Cat pleaded, not wanting our related to us by marrage cop uncle to come talk to us again.

"Fine! But Imma keep drinking!" I attempted to yell, it didn't work to well thought.

Stubbling my way up into the living room of the boat somehow turning into a really funny event for me, as for when I got in and Cat shut and locked the door behind me, I fell down and started laughing. I'm a very easliy entertained drunk, clearly.

"You know what Cat? Imma get married at this here lake! Right over at Sand hill, yep yep I am, I got it all planed out, too! From the flower arreangments to the dress that Imma wear! And you know what!? The first dance my hasband and I will dance to is gonna be a country song! Yep yep it will!" I addressed.

I stood up and stumbled my way over to the stereo that held my ipod, playing some song I didn't wanna listen to and made an sound of trumpit when I found the song I was looking for. "Look What I Found" By Chirs Cagle played through out the houseboat, bring a smile to my face.

"For so long, I searched in desperation
For one love, that would always be true
I came close, but there were always complications
I finally decided there was nothing I could do
So I gave up
And I let go
And as soon as I did
Wouldn't you know." I started singing alone with my slow moving back and forth moving, slow dancing by myself to the song.

"Just look what I found when I wasn't looking
Look what I found when I was just being me
I turned around and love was mine for the taking
Look what I found when she found me

Now there's a lot of lonely people out there waiting
And there's a lot of lonely people searching too
But if you've got too many expectations
You might miss the one who's right in front of you
No telling when
No telling why
She'll say hello and you'll know
You'll never say goodbye." By this time, Zacky had pulled me into his arms and started leading me around the living area in a slow waltz.

Just look what I found when I wasn't looking
Look what I found when I was just being me
I turned around and love was mine for the taking
Look what I found when she found me

And every single day I'm still surprised
When I turn around and I look into her eyes
I'm a like a kid who won a prize
Look what I found
Just look at what I found

Just look what I found when I wasn't looking
Look what I found when I was just being me
I turned around and love was mine for the taking
Look what I found when she found me." I don't know if it was just my drunkin state talking or if it was my real emotions that had me in tears by the end of the song while my head was resting against Zacky's shoulder.

The next song to come across the speakers was "My Kinda Party" by Jason Aldean. I felt Zacky pull me closer to him, if that was even possiable as we contined to dance, this time being joined by everyone else but a little bit fast.

"Lets go to bed Babe." Zacky whispered in my ear, pulling away slightly to look down at my face.

Nodding my head, I let Zacky lead me to our bed, feeling him rest his hand on the lower spot of my back. He opened the door to our room, letting me go in first before fallowing behind and copied my actions of crawling into bed.

"Wanna be my Redneck Romeo?" I asked giggling a little at the cheeseness of my quoting of the some we had just heard.

"Only if you'll be my tan legged Juliet." Zacky chuckled with a smile adorne his face.

"Of course." I smiled, reaching up to plant a quick kiss on his lips before slipping into a deep slumber.

******* ******* *********

Waking up that next morning felt like death had hit me but didn't wanna finish me off. I knew I had drank a lot the night before but I had no idea I had drankin that much! I let out a whine while rolling over, thanking god that my room didn't have any windows to let sun into it. Feeling emptyness on the bed next to me, I sat up on my elbows and seen that Zacky was indeed, not next to me anymore, but then I noticed two pills and a glass of water on the night stand. Smiling, I took the pills and chased them down with the water quickly before sitting up and making my way towards the door.

Walking around the inside of the house boat, I couldn't find anybody so I took my search to outside and up on the deck, seeming how that was were we seemed to gather in the mornings. Upon finding no one up there, I started looking off the sides of the boat, seeing no one anywhere but yet all the vehicles were here along with my boat. Becoming insanely confused, I pulled out some binoculars from the cupboards that we had on the roof, I started looking up and down the beach to see if they had went on a beach walk without me. After the thrid time of swiping the beach I finally noticed my large ground friends walking back toward our camp. Wanting to freak them out a bit, I hurried down the stairs and toward the giant steering wheel and lifting up the hidden door that goes down into a hidden room that for some reason, we never use.

I heard everyone walk into the front door while joking around with each other. They all kind of settled down, while as much as they all knew was possible before I heard another set of foot steps rush into the living room.

"Uh guys, Chrissy isn't in her room." I heard Zacky say.

"Oh she must just be up on the deck then waiting for us to join her, go up and get her won't ya?" Amelie spoke.

I heard his foot steps leave while everyone else went back to their conversations. He foot steps came down almost as fast as he went up.

"Guys she's not there either! I called her name over by the boat and she's not on that! Where could she be?" Zacky's panic filled voice said.

I fought back my giggles while falling back onto the soft feather bed and matching comforter. Yeah I think tonight I'm sleeping down here, this bed is so much better then the one I've been staying on.

"Well, were all could she be?" Zacky asked the girls.

"Maybe she went on a beach walk and we didn't see her, how about you guys go drive around in her truck and try to find her, you guys split up and go check the beach and we'll stay here and search around the boats some more." Cat demanded everyone, clearing using her acting skills.

Not even a minuted passed before the hidden door opened up and Cats head popped into my line of sight with a smirk on her face.

"You know you're giving your poor boy a heart attak." She chuckled out.

"Ha yeah I could hear him." I told her, walking over to the stairs and climbing back up them and joining Cat, Amelie, Kathy, Hayley, Justine and Shanelle.

"You are so mean! When they get back, we going for mocha's, Seems how its an hour past your normal mocha hour?" Justine asked me.

"Well of course! I always need my mocha! Lets just get them back sooner." I said, jumping up and running to the top deck with the mic we had by the door.

It was set up so that no matter how loud the beach was getting, you could always here it.

"All those who are in the camp with the Margariavile house boat people, please come back to camp. It is an hour past my mocha time and I want my mocha!" I said, yelling the last part into the mic before I headed back down and inside the boat before ploping down becides Shanelle.

"Now all we do is wait for three mintues." Hayley laughed, going back to watching the tv show that was on.
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