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Perfect Guy or Girl that May or May Not Exist


Nobody is perfect, but these would be the qualities of a guy I'd want to be with; probably someone I'd want to be with for the rest of my life <3
He wouldn't cheat on me
He'd make me smile :)
He'd make me laugh
He'd like some of the same music as me (because my music is a HUGE part of my life)
He'd show his emotions when his guy friends were around, not caring what they'd say
He'd be sweet
He'd give me his jacket to wear
He'd be able to see through my fake smile
He'd know when something was bothering me that I wasn't talking about
He'd get me emotionally (I have problems with people not getting how overemotional I can be at times and this usually ruins any chance I may have had in all my relationships)
He'd love me for who I am <3

lol I also typically like the scene style on guys :) Lol I constantly have dreams about a guy named Max (who is everything listed above!) and he is scene-like. He has black hair and blue eyes ♥ lol Kinda creepy for me to have those dreams XD
But, I really, really wish they were real (lol and that HE was real) </3 I hope that I can find a 'Max' in reality, someday :)
(And no, I was not talking about Max Green XD)
♠ ♠ ♠
hopefully I'll come across a guy like this...wherever he is, and whether he knows it or not, HE is the one I've been wishing on stars and praying every night for <3 I just haven't met him, yet...
I know, I sound like a cheeseball :P But oh well ♥