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Perfect Guy or Girl that May or May Not Exist


Even though my 'perfect' guy may not even exist, i'm pretty sure it isn't illegal to dream about him.

My perfect guy would have pretty eyes, a mischeivious smile, be at least 5 foot 7 (taller than me), nice hands and a killer accent.

He'd have to be patient with my blonde-ness, laugh at my jokes, and make me laugh till the point of crying.

He'd somehow convince me that Santa is real, love the same kind of music, but have his own individual taste as well.

He wouldn't be dependant on me, he'd be there for me, not clingy and knows how to be a complete weirdo, like me.

And of course, he'd make me love him, dispite i'm sick of guys, love me for being me, and (duh) will laugh at my dads jokes.
♠ ♠ ♠
I admit, some of that is typical, and easily found.

It's the laughing at Dads jokes that get me stumped >.>

His jokes make me pee myself, but some guys... they just DON'T get it.