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Perfect Guy or Girl that May or May Not Exist


True love, we all wish to find that special guy who can make us feel good without spending any money, a guy who won't hurt you in any way, a guy who will kick any guy's ass for embarassing you or hurting you, but most of us women and girls don't find that. Actually we find the exact opposite. Fucking horny assholes who bangs anything that walks. I honestly do fall for losers, most of them, I have forgotten about.

For all the girls who haven't got a chance in love yet, learn from everyone's mistakes, that will defintely help you find the true love of your life, and you will have the best love.

For the women who already have found love, be careful, It's very risky, and some women are very willing to take the risk of getting hurt over and over to bend backwards for those fuckers. I think that'sfucked up.Just my opinion. Except I do get that you do love him and are afraid to let go of him for whatever reason.

Me, myself, I have found true love. I'm not exactly sure he is my true love, but I am in love with him. His medium long beautiful brown wavy hair, those beatiful brown eyes behind those sexy black thick framed glasses, those soft lips with those wonderful snake bites pierced very well into your lip. The way your personality cheers up any moody day I ever have. How I always have a smile on my face when your around.

I swear everytime I dream of you and wake up from the wonderful dream, I hear Nicki Minaj's "Moment For Life". I made that our song for a reason. I completly have no idea why I fell for your dorkyself. I always wondered. But we also have to face obstacles that get into our way.

1;four years older than me

2; best friends with my older brother

3; my parents wouldn't approve, well simply because your older.

4; All the drama that would happen.

5; You have no idea how I feel for you.

6; I have no idea if you even have an interest in me.

7;You have a girlfriend;/

But all that matters to me is that, I love you, you belong to me, and there is no one in this world who can take that away, whether you know that er not.

I saw that you've been hurt many times by insensitive girls. And when you got this new gurl, I cried. I cried because you said as long as she doesn't hurt me, she's in perfect hands.

I was crying, pissed off, because she is really incapable of doing that to you. I know she'll end up hurting you. So I cried because you can't fuckin see that I've got everything and anything you'd ever need. I can't let go because God is telling me something is going to happen good over this summer. over 2011 summer. Between me and you.

And I'm really excited. So I'll always be waiting for you until you come.
Then, we can be in love together so please, summer, I'm waiting for your slow poke ass to get here. Sincerly, M-RE
♠ ♠ ♠
I love you babe<3 this is for you. I'm really excited and I am waiting for you.