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Perfect Guy or Girl that May or May Not Exist


Every girl has a dream person they want to have in their life right? That one special person they wish on 11:11 to find, or upon a shooting star. You have one of those imaginary people who will sweep you off your feet and onto a white horse right?

I do.

To write out every little detail would take too long, and up too much time and frankly would be boring to read about. So I'll sum it up for you.

I have a thing for longish hair guys. The darker the hair the better, the messier the cuter. I adore colored eyes too, green,blue, hazel. I think brown eyes are cute as long as they have depth to them. He will have facial piercings like snakebites or spider bites or both.

He'll dress in skinny jeans but not too tight, and wear band tee shirts or graphic tees. He'll love hoodies as much as I do, and will let me steal them. He can wear hats, beanies preferred. :D

Personality & likes:

Concert goer! Similar taste in music. Sweet, protective, and a little more outgoing than myself considering I'm not that outgoing at all. He needs to be friendly but not a flirty friendly. He has to be a musician, guitar preferred, if he sings (I don't mind if he's good or bad) I'd love him forever. And not all totally pervish and into sex and whatnot. That's just gross and rather degrading.

Pretty, cute, adorable, gorgeous, beautiful instead of hot, sexy, fine.

He'd also call me at night to tell me I was the last thing he wanted to haer before he went to sleep. <3

Mmm, one last request, I want to be one of the most important people in his life. I want to mean something. I don't need to be center of attention all the time, but being noticed is nice every now and again.

Kayy, cool. (:
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I like 'scene' looking guys, but I'm rather insecure about one liking me back. -__-