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Perfect Guy or Girl that May or May Not Exist


My perfect guy?
I want someone who can accept me for me and not try to turn me into one of his dumb and slutty ex-girlfriend.
He needs to be honest with me, no matter what.
He HAS to have hair down or past his chin. He needs to sing the same songs that I sing (even though we would probably suck).
And when I cry I want him to wrap his arms around me and hum one of my favorite songs in my ear softly.
He wouldn't lie (even when I ask dumb Questions because I will)
He wouldn't, no BETTER, not cheat.
I would also want him to want me and not what's in my pants. He needs to be patient and willing to put up with my crap.
Even though I am talkative I want to be able to sit with him in silence, enjoying his presence.
I write so I would want him to have constructive criticism.
He always tells me something good about me even though there's not much to say.
I want him to keep my secrets and tell me his.
Also I want him to play an instrument and then teach me how to play it.

The perfect guy.....not gonna happen but it wouldn't hurt to dream!

If you can find a guy with all this and then some....LET ME KNOW!!!!
♠ ♠ ♠
i know it sounds a bit cliche and stupid but after getting hurt so much by just don't care what it sounds like.......i can never find everything at once just pieces of the perfect guy

sorry for sounding so depressed

Anyways......comments and subscriptions!! :)