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Perfect Guy or Girl that May or May Not Exist


My PERFCT guy hmmmmm...... Lets see here.....

He has to be kind, caring. I really don't want him to be an immature perv like most guys. He has to like me and feel attraction to me and not just want to get in my pants.

He has to like music, mostly the kind I like or it's not gonna work out.

He should tell when I fake smile or not. Or when I just need him to shutup and give me a hug.

Looks don't really matter to me but my perfect guy...

Dark hair, messy-ish is cute.

Blue eyes or green, or like a chocolate brown.

Skinny jeans, but not any smaller than the ones I wear. Has some kind of musle to him, not to built not to thin either. Around 5'8 to around 5'11.


Wants to go to collage, wants a degree of some kind. Get married to me obviously! Wants a family with two or more kids. Not to be very consumed with his work. Never cheat, if he does he'll have a nice long talk with my father and machine guns XD
♠ ♠ ♠
Belive me, I know that there's no one out there like this... We ALL know mr. Perfect doesn't exist but a girl can dream.